This spring break it’s going to blow your mind with all the things that we have prepare for you. This definitely is an experience that you can’t lost, so I recommend to you book your tickets at as soon as possible so you don’t miss the opportunity to see in live the amazing DJ Pauly D in The City Cancun.

That’s right we all know Paul DelVecchio Jr. as DJ Pauly D, from the reality show Jersey Shore, but before all his success in this reality show, Pauly D was already famous as DJ and that’s why MTV call him, for his talent and also for his lovely charisma, he didn’t do an audition to be part of the show, MTV just called him and ask him if he wanted to be part of this reality show and he said yes.

DJ Pauly D in The City Cancun

The amazing DJ Pauly D

Eventually Pauly D became in one of the first of Jersey Shore to get his own spinoff called The Pauly D Project showing his ordinary life and also his life as DJ.

And to be honest the show was pretty cool but I will tell you how incredible and talent Pauly D is:

To start, he signed with the rapper 50 Cent in his record label to do new music, new rhythms, new material; he also won “Choice TV: Male Reality/Variety Star” at the Teen Choice Awards, he was voted the #8 Best DJ in America, he play in IHeartRadio Music Festival next to great artists in the industry as Lady Gaga, The Black Eyed Peas, Alicia Keys etc. but the coolest was when he joined Britney Spears on her Tour next to the gorgeous Nicky Minaj.

Now you know that the experiences that have Pauly D as DJ is big! He can mix any type of music and make it sound unique and unforgettable, from top 40 to electro house and trap.

We also can’t forget that Pauly D it’s not just a successful DJ, he is also a piece of sweet pie! With that hot body and those tattoos, he was named one of “US Weekly’s hottest bodies” and the second “Sexiest Man Alive On Facebook” competing with the handsome Vin Disel for the first place, but if you ask me Pauly D disserve the first place.

We are dying to see and hear the amazing DJ Pauly D in The City Cancun performing for all the partyholics in the biggest nightclub in all Latin America.

This will be one of the most colossal nights that you ever live in your life! So if you’re ready for an epic night you are in the correct place and not just because Pauly D will play at The City Cancun (which is the best reason), it’s because It’s Spring Break and is the season which every partyholic wait and prepare their minds, their bodies and their spirit of party the hole year.

Imaging yourself in the beach, taking the sun with delicious mimosas, the sea, people laughing and dancing the best music at the moment in their best swimsuits; imaging yourself meeting new people from other part of the word, having the best time of your life; then imaging yourself seeing the amazing DJ Pauly D in The City Cancun with your new and old friends, drinking and dancing to the bit of one of the most incredible DJ’s.

Party in The City Cancun

Party in The City Cancun

Yes, this is how we live the Spring Break in Cancun and you can be part of this experience that you will never forget, just ask to any one who came to the beaches of Cancun, and they will tell you an incredible story about this magic place, so don’t think more about it and do it! Come and enjoy the perform of the greatest DJ Pauly D in The City Cancun.

See you soon folks!