The quarantine is close to end, and now partyholics and travelers, we are already searching for our next destination. In Mexico you can find a trendy place favorite between the  Hollywood stars to spend some vacation days. Did you find out what destination I’m talking about? YES! I’m talking about Los Cabos! The coronavirus makes us wonder should I travel to Cabos now? Is it safe? What are the post-covid measurements I should take when visiting this destination? Well, my dearest readers, like the partyholic expert that I’m pretending to be, I traveled to Los Cabos and investigated all the necessary things to resolve the question if it is or not safe to travel to Cabo San Lucas during the coronavirus


Personal protection

Surely you already know the basic protection measurements against covid-19, so you undoubtedly know that you should travel wearing face masks, washing your hands at every opportunity and applying sanitizing gel everytime you touch a high contact /contagious surface. Another thing that I like to do is to clean with sanitizing  wipes: my suitcase, the handle of my bag, my laptop, smartphone and everything I touch or is exposed to the environment.

The airports

Airports are constantly being sanitized, which helps to reduce covid spreading. The waiting rooms are not overcrowded, the lines must respect the social distance, even the toilets have maximum capacity at this time -hehehe-. So, for me it was a good and safe experience. 


On the plane

Now let’s talk about the plane… If the airports are sanitized, the airplanes are the same. Before entering the access tube, there is a sanitizing mat and gel dispenser. Before entering the airplane you must use the mat and apply gel -again-. Passengers and flight attendants must wear face masks. Personally, I haven’t flown on saturated flights, I mean the flight wasn’t at 100% of its capacity, so the distance between passengers has been respected as much as possible.



Los Cabos is one of the few cities in Mexico where Uber operates , so it  is my regular way of moving through the city. On my last visit  I used 3 uber services, the driver always wore a face mask, he put sanitizing spray inside the car before I boarded and when we arrived at my destination and he lowered my suitcase, he cleaned the handle with gel. So the service was super safe and hygienic in my opinion.


At the hotel

I think the hotel is where the measures are more completed. Since you arrive you must go through a sanitizing mat, use gel and they sanitize you with those vaporizers and also your suitcases and hand bag.. I had a digital reservation so I didn’t need to do paperwork and just  to show my ID, the receptionist never touched it and even that he offered me a wipe to clean it. I accepted it even though it wasn’t necessary. The same receptionist explained that my room had just been sanitized and the “good night” courtesy (when the maid prepares your bed and leaves you chocolates on the pillow) the room would be sanitized again. Also mentioned that the maid is sanitized before and after entering every room. Long story short, at the hotel there were sanitizing mats everywhere, gel dispensers too, the rooms were extra cleaned, the maids uniforms even include shoe protections. I felt super confident in the hotel.



Well, because my trips are very short for work reasons -and sometimes for budget reasons-, in this visit to Los cabos, the activity that I was expecting to do was not available because of the confinement. Casually the same day I returned home, the desert camel ride tour was reactivated but I wasn’t able to do it. 

What I did was to visit the place that claims to have the best burgers in Los Cabos, Abolengo. For my surprise, its food is truly exquisite! My recommendation for you is the “Abolengo Burger” that has gouda cheese and a garlic and onion mayonnaise that you will love. They also have a sinful dish called “papas diablitas” it is like eating wings but instead of chicken with French fries. Here you must forget about the classic margaritas and order their special cocktails such as Sorry Mom, Cherry Lips or El Malcriado.

But the best thing about Abolengo Los Cabos is that it opens every day of the week, from noon to 10 PM you can visit this place to enjoy its cool view of the Marina.


Take advantage of technology for your reservations

Another post-covid measure when traveling that many places have applied is the elimination of printed menus /coupons and have replaced them with digital versions so you can have the info from your smartphone. So, the only thing you need to touch is your cell phone. Digital or credit card payments are now highly recommended, that is why the existence of is a blessing as in this platform you can buy tickets online for the best bars and discos in Los Cabos like Abolengo.

This was my experience traveling to Los Cabos in times of the coronavirus. Now I am going to answer the million dollar question: Is it safe to travel to Los Cabos today? Yes! As long as you respect the safety and hygiene measures that have been implemented.


Partyholics, do you dare to go with me to Los Cabos to experience the camel ride tour? I hope to return soon to this destination to do it!  Meanwhile, I will continue sharing my Partyholic experiences with all of you!