We have lived very difficult months locked in our houses, especially for partyholic! Definitely this is not the type of apocalypse that we have imagined, -I know that more than one would have loved to be fighting at this time against zombies or aliens instead of being locked in our houses doing absolutely nothing-. Some of us, trying to be productive and to take this confinement to improve a skill or learn new things we always wanted but we needed time to do it. For example, I have tried to exercise a lot because after the season of Covid-19 in Playa del Carmen, I will get a perfect tan wearing a mini bikini on the beach.


You obviously want to be on the beach, enjoying the ocean waves, the sun, some super refreshing drinks and unforgettable parties. But like everybody you may be wondering: Is it safe to travel in season of Covid-19 in Playa del Carmen?

Well, it’s important to mention that the Mexican Caribbean is the favorite tourist destination and it is distinguished for always providing the best service and quality to all tourists who venture to visit these Mayan lands, leaving them with a unique and magical experience.


Therefore, to protect all tourists and residents, all the measures established by the WHO are being taken in the shops, hotels and restaurants in Playa del Carmen that have already opened their doors, such as Abolengo or  Santito Tun Tun.

At the moment of entering these incredible places you have to go through a strict sanitation protocol, which includes cleaning your shoes with the sanitizing mats that are in the access to these places, temperature taking which doesn’t have to be over 38° C, application of gel and wearing face masks.

Once in the place, the waiters (who have all the protective equipment) will provide you with a QR code that will display the food and drinks menu in your phone, so you will not have to have contact with the physical menus. And when they bring the food to your table, the dishes are covered with a cloche to protect your food and when making the payment it can be with credit/debit card or in cash (obviously taking all the established hygiene measures), but I recommend you book online, so you avoid the payment process and only dedicate yourself to enjoying the atmosphere and the delicious dishes that these restaurants have ready for you.

To give you more confidence about your trip to Playa del Carmen, we would like to tell you that the Mexican Caribbean was the first destination in the American Continent to have the “Safe Travels Security Stamp” by the World Travel and Tourism Council ( WTTC), which means that it has global standards that guarantee the hygiene of establishments and measures that protect the health of all travelers.


And of course, we -all in the Mexican Caribbean-  are doing our best to assure that your health and safety won’t be compromised at any time.


So, don’t think twice! Come and visit us, we will be waiting for you with open arms as we have always done, Partyholic.