The summer is about to begin and if you already have plans to go to the beach, you will surely want to show off the perfect bikini body in Cancun, Vallarta or any other beach destination you are planning to tan at.

Unfortunately sometimes school or work don’t leave us with much time to train our dream body, but following these basic steps you´ll be able to sport a sculptural body very quickly and without suffering.


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To look toned and fit it is important to watch the consumption of calories and carbs, but that doesn’t mean we have to starve ourselves. Eating is the key. ¿Does that sounds illogical? Keep reading:


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Never skip this meal, because it will be the one that provides energy and “fuel” for the whole day. Dismiss the sweet fruits (melon, mango, etc.), which contain a lot of sugar that will end up transforming into fat. Instead, eat the good ones like strawberries, coconut and raisins; many of these can be used as snacks between meals, which will help you to avoid eating sweets. The rest of the meals must be balanced and if there is something that you really need to forget about it is sodas.


The physical routine is basic too, instead of passing hours and hours at the gym, it is better to work specific muscles which will make your body look better, such as: abs, shoulders, biceps, triceps, back and chest. Find an easy and complete routine and do four series of 15 reps each, watching form in order to assure the best results. Complete your workout with some cardio, which will help with the extra calories.

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Eat well starting now until the beginning of summer break, follow the exercise routine and you will see that you can reach your goal of a sculpt and toned body. I already began the countdown for the Playboyland Party at Mandala Beach Cancun taking place on July 1st and I will you know how well it worked for me and will let you see a picture of my abs.