The most awaited party of the year is just around the corner and we are more than ready to say goodbye to this year that has been without a doubt the most difficult of all and the best way to say goodbye to this year 2021 is on the beach; lying on the sand taking the sun with a drink in your hand. I recommend you to spend the New Year’s party in Playa del Carmen since it is the favorite place of many tourists since it has the best beaches to take the first sun rays of this New Year 2022 and also because its turquoise blue waters will impress you. 

Now, there are better places than others to spend this party, that’s why I’m going to name some that are already very popular in Playa del Carmen.


Mandala Playa del Carmen is undoubtedly already an iconic place on 12th street because it offers the best parties in the whole Caribbean – I have to admit that my best nights have been here – the atmosphere and the music make this a magical place to welcome the new year 2022. In this place you will find people from all over the world who enjoy the party as much as you do and I assure you that you will remember this night for the rest of your life. 

La Vaquita

La Vaquita Playa del Carmen, has always distinguished itself for providing memorable and savage parties and even on Halloween; a few years ago La Vaquita threw one of the best parties in these Mayan lands. So evidently you can expect the New Year’s Eve parties to be just as incredible.


This is the favorite spot for those who enjoy reggaeton, since the perreo and the party is the priority of this place and this December 31 will open its doors to welcome the New Year 2022 to the rhythm of the best reggaeton hits.


Abolengo Playa del Carmen has always been one of my favorite places because the music and the food have always made my visit a fascinating night and I always look forward to more and I know by a good source that the New Year’s Eve parties are something out of this planet, so I will probably spend New Year’s Eve in Abolengo having some drinks and singing loudly to receive the 2022.

Santito Tun Tun

If we talk about food and delicacies Santito Tun Tun has always been characterized by providing the best dishes of Playa del Carmen, since its menu is very varied and made for all preferences. And this new year Santito Tun Tun is planning to bring a phenomenal party to all the tourists and locals, so I recommend you to book now through so that you don’t miss this experience since due to the pandemic they have limited space.

In fact if you want to make a reservation for any of these places Mandala Tickets always has the best prices and deals so I am very sure you will find something that fits to your budget.

Now that you know which are the best New Year’s parties in Playa del Carmen the decision is up to you, but it doesn’t matter which place you choose as long as you are with your loved ones ready to receive a new year full of happiness, hope and new goals. 

And I can tell you that I’m already prepared with my grapes for the 12 bells and I’m more than ready for this new adventure.