We -Mexican people- love celebrations and one of our favorites is undoubtedly Christmas Eve. Since December 1st we decorate the xmas tree, we plan our Christmas dinner, we dust off the Santa hat and wear it to update our profile pic on Instagram and we even advertise ourselves as “plus one” for any “posada party”. Oh yeah! Christmas parties in Mexico are special and full of cute traditions.


If you have never spent the Christmas season in the Aztec country, read on to discover how and where to celebrate the Christmas holidays in Mexico.





As in other parts of the world, each city in Mexico uses Christmas lights to decorate and tropicalize decorations according to the region. For example, if you spend your Christmas holidays in Cancun, you will see many palm trees with little lights and frost. 

And in each house you can find a Christmas tree and lights on the facades.

Decoraciones de navidad en mexico


The “posadas” are the maximum celebration because for 9 days -starting on December 16th-, every night a posada party is celebrated. The pilgrimage of the Virgin Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem is simulated. In the posadas there is always music – there are posadas so well organized that they even have a live band -, food is one of the main reasons to go to a posada, as you can find the traditional fruit punch and pozole or tamales. 



At Christmas parties in Mexico, it is a tradition to break the piñata. Traditional piñatas have 7 points and each point represents a cardinal sin; By breaking them, you are supposed to eliminate sins and reject the devil. “Dale dale, no pierdas el tino” (The song to break the piñata).


No matter which of the places to celebrate Christmas in Mexico you choose, without a doubt you will have the opportunity to see pastorela. What is a pastorela? Well, it is a representation of the adventures lived by the shepherds on their way to Bethlehem, so in addition to shepherds you will see characters such as the angel, little devils, the wise men, Joseph and Mary, and even the mule that carried Mary.

asi son las pastorelas en navidad en mexico

Christmas dinner

OK! Christmas would not be the same if dinner was not special. Like the decorations, in Mexico dinner varies depending on the region and the traditions of each family. The most traditional dishes for dinner at Christmas are: cod with potatoes, romeritos with shrimp, pork loin-baked, pozole and the famous stuffed turkey. Honestly, I’m not a good cook so I usually buy my Christmas dinner already prepared, and without a doubt I always choose the romeritos and a Christmas salad -the one with apple and jicama-.

Las cenas navideñas en mexico

“El Nacimiento” and lullaby to the baby Jesus

The “nacimiento” consists of setting up a stage with clay or plastic figurines that simulate the christmas manger in Bethlehem where the baby Jesus was born and has all the characters that I mentioned in the pastorela. And on December 25 in the morning – at 12:00 AM- when Jesus is supposed to have been born, his figurine is lulled.

Nacimiento del niño jesus en mexico

New Year

Just because Christmas is over doesn’t mean that the Mexican party spirit is over too. You should know that Christmas is an ultra family event, but the New Year in Mexico is something else!  We have a good dinner with our family but earlier because we love to spend the last minutes of the old year and the first of the new year in a spectacular place, see fireworks, dance, toast and celebrate in style. In the most recent years the places to celebrate Christmas and New Years in Mexico are:

Año nuevo

  1. Cancun, obviously because of the turquoise beaches and because the discos throw the house for sale at their New Year’s parties.
  2. Tulum, people who like bohemian but very chic environments meet in this paradise.
  3. Playa del Carmen, this destination is trendy all year round and its tropical climate makes it a favorite to spend Christmas and New Years.
  4. Los Cabos, although the December weather is not as hot as in the Caribbean, without a doubt this place has magic and seeing the fireworks from the Marina is a tradition.


This is how the Christmas party season kicks off in Mexico with posadas, so go preparing your best outfits for Xmas season 2020.


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