It´s amazing when your bff is as much of a party lover as you are, isn’t it? I consider myself very lucky, because I am blessed with really good friends, the kind that would move mountains just to help me if I need them. And there are two special friends who are the craziest and funniest girls you could ever meet, and I love to spend my time with them, specially for our nights out.

Some of my most memorable moments with Ivonne and Lola –not their real names, I´m sure they will kill me once they read this blog-:

fiesta amigas


  1. The occasion when Lola was dressed exactly the same as the Gogo dancers at La Vaquita Playacar (white shorts and red crop top). So that night she decided to be a part of them and maybe teach that girls how to twerk it. After 20 minutes on stage everybody was cheering more for her, than the Gogos. That night, the three of us got a lot of free shoots.
  1. To meet a super hero that jumped into Mandala Beach’s pool with his clothes on –watch included- just to save Ivonne´s Iphone. That night we partied with ´Superman’ –the nickname we gave him- and his friends out of gratitude. Maybe I should mention that one hour before he made his heroic act, while we were just ignoring them.
  1. One morning’s after party we were so hungry, but overdressed for quesadillas. So we walked into a very famous all-inclusive hotel in Punta Cancun (close to the Party Center) to get a nice breakfast… The hotel´s staff confused our nightclub bracelets for theirs and gave us access to the buffet restaurant where we ate like horses. Then we left the hotel walking on the beach and as karma exists we needed to walk over a mile to catch a bus back home.

If I have learned something through all these years being the queen of partyholics it is that being in the most amazing nightclub with a VIP table won’t be the same if you are not with your best friends. Do you agree? I hope so, because I have good news for you: $20 USD in my pocket is back! In case you are a recent partyholic and haven´t heard about this yet, the $20 USD in my pocket offer includes cover and open bar to a surprise top nightclub in Cancun and I think it is the perfect deal to prove my theory that when you are hanging out with your party squad, the venue is not that important; you will have fun anywhere.

Do you have memories about your Cancun nightlife incursions? Share them with all of us, we love crazy anecdotes.