You may be surprised to know that our -non official- job as partyholics, is to participate in special events organized by Grupo Mandala. Yes, we love exclusive parties and concerts, but we also love the social work that our company does!

It is an unwritten rule of the house that all the donations and charities done by Grupo Mandala should not be used to promote our brands, but as a resident of Cancun and a woman concerned about my health, I would like to share with you what happened at Mandala Beach Club last Saturday.

On May 13th, the foundation “DAR Sonrisas” arrived at the beach club at 9 am to give a Press Conference promoting the 3rd Race “Live for boobs”. No people, this is not a sassy party, but a real race of 2, 5 and  10 km organized by the foundation to obtain resources to help local women and kids who are fighting against cancer.

Press conference at Mandala Beach

We have written advice about how to flirt at the nightclubs, what to wear on a night out, bachelorette’s tips… But this is the best advice that we will ever give you:

“Please explore your breasts. Breast cancer is not a fatal disease if it is detected early.”

After the conference there was a free zumba lesson, because physical activity reduces the risk of cancer and other chronic diseases. We -the team of partyholics- participated with enthusiasm, but the awful truth is that we are not very athleti, so we sweated blood!

Grupo Mandala nightclubs in cancun

Like Martin Luther King said: “If I help one person to have hope, I will not have lived in vain.” And because lending the beach club facilities just  didn’t seem to be enough, Grupo Mandala and Mandala Beach’s management agreed to donate 10% of the total consumptions of people visiting the beach club that weekend, who mentioned “I am friend of DAR Sonrisas”.


To sum it up, we are very happy to be partyholics, but  we are also very proud of being a team member of Grupo Mandala, a company committed to our community.

Blog by @yaqueline_mtz @CarMarban @ThePartyholic