The Baja California peninsula has stunning landscapes and endless natural diversity.

That’s why the Baja peninsula is one of the most popular destinations for nationals to go on road trips. 

We at want to make sure our readers and party animals make the best of their time in Mexico.

That’s why we supply the best experiences and trip ideas.

We want to share with you this road trip guide along the Baja California peninsula.

Guía de roadtrip por el sur de Baja California

The Mexican region of Baja California Sur is surrounded by the sea on both sides.

To the east, the sea of Cortez separates Baja California from Mexico, and to the west, the Pacific ocean unleashes its fierce waves.

The abundant biodiversity and the white sand beaches make this place worthy of being considered a natural paradise.

This wonderful natural spot offers some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes and endless cultural richness that will leave you amazed. Be sure to arrange a stop at the places we mention down below! 

Los Cabos 

Cabo San Lucas, also known as the Marlin Capital of the world, began to thrive as a result of the rich marine life.

Later on, it became the place where American Hollywood celebrities and artists came to enjoy private vacations.

Now it’s recognized as one of the most prosperous tourist destinations in the world. 

The Mexican charm in San Jose del Cabo is all about tourist hospitality.

This is the relaxing part of Los Cabos, where you can find a more comfortable ambiance more geared towards pampering yourself.

On the other hand, Los Cabos is the party center, San Jose has a different and relaxing side to show tourists. 

Amazing natural wonders like the Arch of Cabo San Lucas, where the sea of Cortes and the Pacific Ocean meet, and the pristine beaches are what Los Cabos is known for.

The Playa del Amor or Lover’s Beach and The Divorce Beach are two gems in Los Cabos and a must-visit. 

The crystalline waters that surround this beautiful area captivate the eye with a natural relaxing spectacle like no other.

It’s important to mention that Divorce Beach is the outer side of the bay on the Pacific Ocean side, and it makes for a dangerous swim because of the strong currents and crashing waves.

On the other hand, Lover’s beach is on the inside of the bay, and it’s perfect for a relaxing swim.

Either way, both are a couple of steps away and are perfect for a relaxing sunbath! 

Cabo Pulmo 

Cabo Pulmo is a national park near Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo.

Here you can find the largest coral reef in the Gulf of California, and it also could be the oldest reef on the coast of the pacific ocean.

cabo pulmo

This space is considered one of the most important in Baja California Sur because it is essential in the reproductive cycle of sea turtles.

Almost half of the different species of sea turtles nest here every year. 

Todos Santos

Todos Santos is the perfect bohemian small town, perfect for surfers looking for cool waves.

This small Mexican town stands out for the combination of the tropical sea and the desert.

The Mexican nationals categorize Todos Santos as a Pueblo Magico or magic small town, for the picturesque scenery, the culture and intriguing history behind it. 

todos santos

Here in Todos Santos is where the famous and original Hotel California from the Eagles’ song is located.

Nearby is the virgin beach Playa Tortuga or Turtle Beach, and the touristy surroundings around the town square are an excellent way to spend all morning and afternoon. 

La Paz

Also known as “the town of 365 sunsets”, La Paz is one of the best spots in Mexico for sunset watching.

There is a lot you can find in this small welcoming community.

With several bars and restaurants overlooking the water and with authentic natural scenery, La Paz is a must-visit in Baja California Sur. 

la paz

This magical small town is the door to the sea of Cortez. On beaches like El Tesoro, Balandra and Pichilingue, you can catch some beautiful views of the crystalline water and the white sand.

These beaches are filled with colorful fish that don’t shy away from humans.

Every winter a whale shark visits the beaches surrounding La Paz, which makes for a true natural spectacle. Be sure to get up close whale sharks, they don’t bite! 


Balandra beach is one of the most popular beaches surrounding La Paz, peace and tranquility can be felt in the soft waves and the rocky landscape.

The clear water in Balandra stays knee-deep for a long distance, which makes for a beautiful scene.

We recommend that you rent a kayak and enjoy this god made wonder.

Isla Espiritu Santo

This island is the jewel of the sea of Cortes.

This untouched ecosystem holds dozens of beautiful bays and abundant marine life like sea lions, manta rays, dolphins, turtles, and many more.

It’s a perfect place for camping and enjoying outdoor activities like snorkeling, water skiing, fishing, and kayaking. 

isla espiritu santo

These different destinations make the road trip one to remember.

All in all, the Baja peninsula is a gift to humanity, and we should enjoy such an awe-inspiring gift.