Summer is coming, and we know what that means: pool parties are back!

The perfect plan to enjoy a summer afternoon with your friends while refreshing yourself with tasty drinks at the edge (or inside) a pool.

If you want to organize the best pool party ever, you can’t miss this guide that will tell you step by step everything you need to know to create a legendary summer party.

Guía para hacer la mejor pool party

But first, drinks

Before anything else, you must consider the main attraction of the pool party: the drinks.

As it is a hot season, we recommend you to make refreshing and fruity drinks such as clericot, margaritas, red fruit gin or coconut water with vodka and lemon slices.

We recommend you prepare in large quantities and serve in a dispenser so that the fun never ends.

Guía para hacer la mejor pool party

Prepare the place

Make sure there are enough sunbeds and resting places for your guests. Bring tables that can hold things like towels, suntan lotions, and clothing. 

One thing that cannot be missed (because not everyone is sun friendly) is a sunshade or something that provides enough shade for those who don’t want to be exposed to the light for that long. 

You can also decorate the pool with fun inflatables that you can find at the supermarket or on Amazon.

It will be the ultimate Instagram photo sensation

Guía para hacer la mejor pool party

Don’t forget the music

A must for any pool party is music.

And not just any music, but one that goes with the summer mood. Make sure you find the perfect playlist to enjoy without having to choose song by song.

If you can, get a waterproof speaker(s), so there won’t be a problem with them getting a little wet if someone wants to take a dip…


Snack and food

Prepare meals that are easy to eat. Remember that some of your guests will be wet and probably lazy to get out of the pool.

You can bring prepared chips, peanuts, chopped fruit (watermelon, jicama, pineapple, cucumber, strawberries), candy, and even finger food like French fries and boneless. 

botana y snacks

Now that you have the guide to make the best pool party, you will have no excuse to organize one next summer.

Be sure to follow each of the above areas, and we promise that your guests will be talking about your pool for months to come!