Who could resist a body shots round?

I don’t think anyone could actually do it. At least this is what my 3 years of Partyholic experience on the best clubs in Cancun have taught me. Body shots are the first and maybe most important of my guilty pleasures list. I find impossible not to take advantage of my nights of party in Cancun just to “meet” new girls from all over the world.


Another of my guilty pleasures is really simple and probably one of the most requested thing I get from my friends that meet Cancun’s nightlife for the first time. Going up to the DJ booth and taking some shots for my Instagram has given me the opportunity to meet some world class DJ’s like Diplo, Jillionaire, Steve Aoki and Marshmello when they come for the Spring Break in Cancun or the eastern holidays for our traditional “semana santa” full of day and night parties while hosting the Spring Sounds Cancun Music Festival.

One of the guilty pleasures I will never give up is to recommend the 4 Nights Party Pack during spring break to my friends. This recommendation is a win-win because my friends save up money in Cancun’s nightclubs and I get to party with them for at least four nights on the top Cancun nightclubs.

Now that you know some of my guilty pleasures is time to go back for more fun!

See you soon!