The most anticipated season of the year is finally here! Undoubtedly, this date is the favorite of many partyholics for the crazy costumes and parties, we know that for the moment there are some restrictions in this regard but here I will tell you how you can live an amazing party night this Halloween in Cabos after Covid 19.


Los Cabos is one of the favorite destinations of many travelers around the world for the incredible and glamorous vacations that can be lived in this paradise, the beautiful beaches, the famous fishing tournaments and obviously the epic nights of partying in the best clubs of Cabo like Kitty, La Vaquita, Abolengo and the favorite: Mandala.


Due to the current situation that we are living, you may feel that this year Halloween is lost but let me warn you that you are wrong because my favorite places in Cabo are already open and they have great parties prepared for you to come spend an epic Halloween night, if you want to know which ones please keep reading.

First of all you should know that these places have all the hygiene measures and protocols to be able to receive all the partyholics in a healthy and fun environment, and of course don’t forget to use your face mask to enter, okay now let’s talk about the good stuff…


I will start by recommending a place that I love and that is perfect for those who like to party, good music and food, obviously I am talking about Abolengo Cabo. This place has prepared a Hallowen party that will blow your mind with an incredible theme, the best hits of the moment, the famous jars (which if you haven’t tried them I don’t know what are you waiting for) and of course it’s delicious dishes like tacos, wings, nachos, salads and the house specialty its delicious burgers.

The following recommendation goes to all partyholics fans of the crazy and unforgettable parties that are undoubtedly those of La Vaquita Cabo. This place has the best selection of music from anywhere in this city, I’m not lying to you, the DJ always puts the best hits of pop, electronic, hip hop and of course reggaeton music. As always, this year La Vaquita has prepared a costume party as crazy as ever, but now it has a mega plus: Food! Yes! Now you can enjoy the delicious and famous liters but in addition to its exquisite dishes such as wings, guacamole, fish toasts, burgers and the favorites diablita french fries.

Now that you know that not everything is lost for this Halloween in Cabos, prepare your costumes and don’t miss these legendary parties. It’s obvious that everyone is going to want to be in them, so I recommend you to run now to to buy your tickets before they run out.

“Halloween is the monster party, so I guess it’s my turn to congratulate you! Happy Halloween!