The most scary season of the year has finally arrived and in spite of the pandemic, the Halloween in Cancun 2020 after Covid is still not cancelled and it’s a fact that we are going to celebrate it in a big way, obviously with the new normality, but the fun is going be the same… For sure this year’s costumes are going to be the best in the history of humanity, you can dress up as anti-bacterial gel, as a toilet paper roll, as a thermometer or as the coronavirus!

Obviously this year, Halloween is going to be a little different because of the covid-19 in Cancun, but there are many ways to celebrate it, it can be at home with your family or friends, wearing costumes and watching scary movies and eating all the candy and food you want or… You can go to Mandala Nightclub, Mandala Beach or Abolengo which are some of the clubs that will be offering their already famous annual spooky parties and I swear you won’t regret to be part of them because besides that you will be in one of the main tourist places around the world, these clubs usually organize costume contests and people are very creative to make their costumes to win the first place and with the ideas I already gave you for sure you can win. 

Being honest, for me the funniest part of Halloween is without a doubt the costumes; last year my friends and I dressed up as princesses, among the team we had Snow White -who was me-, Tinkerbell and my favorite The Little Mermaid along with her Prince Eric and the friend who didn’t want to be a princess dressed up as a mummy. That night we went to dinner at Abolengo Cancun – it’s one of my top places – that night I remember I ordered some ribeye tacos and one of their famous “jars” called “The Disobedient Sons”, after that we went to the famous party at The City and the truth is that we had an incredible time since everyone was in costume, my favorite was a guy who wore an Hades  the God of the Underworld- costume, I don’t know how he did it but he looked incredible, there was also one who was disguised as the clown “It”, it was one of my favorite parties since we danced all night to the best music.


This year I plan to dress up as an alien with my cousin and we will go to the big party that Mandala Beach is going to offer, our plan is to eat delicious snacks like pizza or nachos, drink to death and dance all night long, of course, taking all the recommended sanitary measures to have a healthy fun, you know, wearing a mask, anti-bacterial gel, and keeping my distance. 

Unquestionably this time of year is one of my favorites because I love scary movies and for some reason watch them in this month is even better than watching them at any other time of year, besides the fact that I love to wear a costume but I also like it because we are a few months away from the end of the year and it already smells like Christmas, and I sincerely want this year to be over because it seems to be taken from a Stephen King book.

But I hope that we will be able to live a terrific night together in these Mayan lands. See you soon!