Mexicans, we are famous around the world because we know how to party. Yes, we love FIESTA and we know how to turn a simple Friday night-out into a whole weekend of wild fun.

This blog is a little guide to help you understand the crazy behavior of the Mexican partyholics you will party with this summer in Cancun.

  • Pre-Party
La Vaquita - precopeo

The favorite place for a pre-party in Cancun is La Vaquita.

The Mexican lateness –just speaking of party-, has a really good excuse called ‘precopeo’. Before the main party of the night, we make a pre-party just to drink some cocktails or beers, this way we arrive to the party in the right mood. Unfortunately, this little pre-party makes us arrive about 100 minutes late. But, I think it is clear now that this is not our fault; it’s a preparation for the party!

  • Can I get a better deal?
Tequila toast

Must leart this mexican toast: up, down, center and inside!

Mexicans are born with a surprising haggling capability. The question ‘How much is the least?’ spits out our mouth unavoidably and once pronounced we won’t stop until we get a better deal. Talking about deals, check out this offer for Mexicans (just Mexicans) and this special Open Bar Offer for $20 USD (not exclusive for Mexicans).


But a Mexican is not cheap, you must know there isn’t a more generous soul than a Mexican’s… Just some tequila shots and we are ready to spend our month’s check by inviting one, two or three bottles to toast with our ‘compadres’.


  1. Please, don’t stop the party!
After party en MB

So, just like locals love La Vaquita for pre-party… our place for an after party is the Mandala Beach Club.

From the creators of the pre-party –Mexican people-, now get ready for the after party! An after party is another reunion to drink the last drink –or bottle or bottles- and it’s the perfect excuse to continue partying. The venue could be another nightclub or a house or even the beach and it’s possible that in one night –or morning- you will be part of several after parties.



  1. The End
la cruda con tacos

With tacos everything is better.

If there is a signal to know when a Mexican finally gets enough FIESTA, is when he/she says: ‘Vamos por unos tacos‘ (let´s get some tacos). This signal appears between one after party and another or Monday morning when it’s time to school/to work and we need to interrupt the weekend.


If you are a Mexican reader, for sure you can identify with each point of this blog, if you are not Mexican, it is time to get a Mexican compadre and learn from him how to party!