When you’re clubbing and after a few drinks, many of us feel the desire to fall in love; As they say – “Love is in the air” – and as we women are tired of man not knowing how to conquer us, I will give you some tips on how to do it and not die trying!

Tip 1 – Dress to impress!
All girls like a boy who is well-dressed, so while it is important to be comfortable, t-shirts and sneakers are probably  not the best choice.

Tip 2 – Dance!
All girls love to see a boy dance! <3

Tip 3 – Show empathy! 
Once you have the attention of the girl you desire, try to create empathy with her. This is the key to not die trying!

Tip 4 – Always be a gentleman! 
Don´t be a jerk! We, girls hate boys that come on too strong, if you do that just will scare her away.

Tip 5 – Be smart! 
Try not to say nonsense because she will get bored and will tell you “I need go to the bathroom” and you will never see her again.

Extra Tip: If you finally pass all tests don’t let her go!

Now you are ready for the conquest of a beautiful foreigner or Mexican woman! Let’s party!