A lot of people think that going to Cancun for springbreak is very expensive and that the bills can go out of control. Here’s the 9 things you should do to avoid overspending during Cancun spring break 2017.


Piggy Bank on beach vacation


1) Buy your tickets with anticipation.
Buying your tickets 2 or 3 months before the springbreak can reduce its cost up to 50% of the total

2) Plan your days ahead and buy on the official pages.
Check the official pages beforehand, that way you will be sure you are getting the best price available.

3) Choose the open bar instead of the cover.
That way you won’t have problems with how many drinks you want to take.

4) Visit the downtown. 
You can find cheap food and drinks in the downtown, you can also go for a walk and know the city.

5) Look for promotional packages. 
Some packages can help you save big amounts of money! Like the Madness Tour which includes the access for 3 nightclubs with open bar in the same night!

6) Travel by bus. 
Top clubs in Cancun such as MandalaLa Vaquita The City are found in the km 9.5 of the hotel zone, which means getting there by bus is easy.

7) Get to know 3 clubs for a discounted price. 
There’s a tour that will take you to the 3 top clubs of the night for a reduced price… open bar and table included!

8) Walk by the beach.
Enjoy the beach in company of your partyholic friends, you just need to buy some beers.

9)Establish a daily budget. 
This will help you prevent overspending



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