Mexican beaches not only offer us the best shades of crystal blue waters and sand of all kinds; these beaches, also manage to surprise us with their magnificent sunsets. 

Sunsets captivate most of us, it is the most melancholic part of the day, and it is the perfect day closure everyone needs.

Las mejores playas de Puerto Vallarta para ver el atardecer

The best thing you can do on a trip to Puerto Vallarta is to watch a beach sunset over the Pacific Ocean.

Although all of Puerto Vallarta’s beaches are beautiful, we have created a list of the best beaches in Puerto Vallarta to watch the sunset.

Las mejores playas de Puerto Vallarta para ver el atardecer

Las Gemelas (the Twins)

These beaches are two small and almost identical bays.

They are located 9 kilometers south of the downtown of Puerto Vallarta. The beach with public access is usually full on weekends.

Still, you can easily access the private one by merely walking on the rocks that separate them.

las gemelas

Las Caletas

This beach is a bay surrounded by jungle, which can only be accessed by sea.

This beach takes you away from all the noise and people of the city.

You can spend the whole day relaxing here and leave after having appreciated the sunset lying on a hammock.

Las caletas


One of the best beaches for swimming in the sea of warm and crystalline water. Ideal for appreciating the lively nature that embraces it.

You can only access it by sea. If you go deep into the jungle, you will be able to discover paths that lead to a hidden waterfall. 

You’ll appreciate a beautiful sunset from this beach.

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Boca de Tomatlan

On this beautiful beach, even the little boats on the pier are part of the authentic landscape. Here you can enjoy the view of nature accompanied by good seafood.

At the end of the day, you can watch the sunset from a kayak.

Las mejores playas de Puerto Vallarta para ver el atardecer

Los Colomitos

With the best view of Banderas Bay, this hidden beach has super-crystalline waters and a great variety of colorful fishes.

You can access it by sea, or by taking a walk in the jungle.

Here you can find one of the best restaurants in the bay, where you can watch a beautiful sunset while enjoying a delicious cocktail.

You have to see at least one sunset from one of these beaches on your next trip to Puerto Vallarta.

If you are staying a lot of days, go ahead and see all these paradises and fall in love with their sunsets.