We all know that February can be one of the favorite months for couples that are genuinely in love. However, it is also a very complicated month for the heartbroken. Best playlists to go along with your heartbreak

If you sadly belong to that club of people who have suffered from a recent love disappointment, we have to tell you that it is time to take the reins of your life by escaping for a vacation in Playa del Carmen to live a full party experience. 

las mejores playlist

To start your vacation, you will only need three things: 

1- Your BFFs

2- Your phone

3- The best playlist to heal  broken hearts

It’s as simple as that!

Forget about the annoying Valentine’s Day and find out which are the best playlists to dive into your emotions and cease the suffering from a heartbreak:

Sad songs

Get ready to experience the loneliness with this playlist for crying under the moon.

Alone Again

We know that being alone again after a long relationship can be very complicated and painful.

However, this playlist will bring tears to your eyes at first, but we promise you will feel much better afterward. 

Las mejores playlist para el desamor

Life sucks

We know that sometimes life can seem to suck, but not everything is lost.

Let’s cry a bit, and then get it over with!

Dark & Stormy

Rainy day?

This playlist will be your best companion in a sad and rainy day.

The sad playlist

Yes, you will definitely feel sad when listening to this playlist, but only for a while.

Songs for crying in bed

Okay, right now is time to cry lying in bed.

However, after this, take your suitcase, organize your vacations, and then go to the best nightclubs in Playa del Carmen. 

#Crying myself to sleep 

It’s better to express all your feelings. Bye-bye, Valentine’s Day! 

Ultimate crying playlist

This playlist is considered the ideal playlist for crying like never before. 


After listening to the best playlists for heartbreak, it’s time to forget this short sad phase in your life.

Let’s enjoy the wonders that the Caribbean has to offer and move on!