This September of Fiestas Patrias (the Mexican Independence) is ideal to talk about a unique place in Cancun called Abolengo Bartina. What is a “bartina”? Well, a bartina is the fusion of the words “bar” and “cantina” and that is exactly what Abolengo Cancun is, the result of the mixture of elements of a very Mexican canteen and a super chic and hipster bar in which signature cocktails are mega popular. Today I’m going to present you 5 of the best Abolengo Cancun drinks.


Before presenting the top 5, I must tell you that in Abolengo’s menu you will find a section of “jars” and I highly recommend that when you visit this bartina, you give yourself the opportunity to taste its exclusive mixology because it is delicious and the cocktails are served in jars with super cool decoration… Perfect to upload a couple Insta stories.


After that brief introduction… Let’s start with the top 5 of the best cocktails in Abolengo Cancun.


El hijo desobediente (the disobedient son)


This cocktail has a very masculine name but it is a little girly drink -in my opinion- as its color is pink with whipped cream and a strawberry like topping. What does it taste like? It is super sweet since it has rum, rumchata, a mix of piña colada and strawberries.

It is without a doubt the favorite “jar” for a girls’ night out in Cancun!

Gangsters against charros


I am going to confess that the name of this cocktail didn’t attract my attention despite it includes  my favorite liquor (tequila) and my favorite fruits (mango and strawberry). Actually, what did not convince me to taste it was the fact it also includes whiskey. I finally ordered it one night when I wanted to overcome a broken heart and I was ready to try new things… I loved it as it is an exquisite drink!

Obviously my friends didn’t let me drink enough drinks to end up talking to my ex -better know like the cockroach-, but I had a fun night with a lot of flavor 😉


Campeón sin corona (Champion without crown)


If you love gin cocktails, this is the perfect option for you. I honestly don’t know why it is called “champion without a crown” because for me just the fact that it has gin, already makes it part of the royalty of the drinks. Oh yes! I am a big fan of this distillate  and obviously I love gin & tonics, but this jar entered my top 5 drinks at Abolengo Cancun because in addition to gin and tonic, they add cucumber and passion fruit, which highlights the flavors of the liquor. Super recommended!

Dos tipos de cuidado (Two ‘problematic’ friends)


The inspiration for this drink comes from the Mexican movie of that name and which was starred by the 2 great idols of Mexico: Jorge Negrete and Pedro Infante. So this drink has the 2 representative distillates of Mexico: the tequila and mezcal -mixed with orange juice and tamarind-. This is the “jar” that you must ask to know the flavors of Mexico.

I always order this drink with some castacan tacos. There is no better food and drink pairing for me in all of Cancun… I dare you to change my mind! 


El rey del barrio (The king of the neighborhood)


My last recommendation for you is this cocktail you will love because it has the 2 favorite drinks of Mexicans in one drink: a lemon margarita and a beer! Without a doubt it is the king of Abolengo Cancun cocktails! Hot nights in Cancun required something super refreshing and this drink is the ideal choice.

You know that I always like to leave you an extra tip and this time I will recommend you a shot that you should only order if you are looking for a wild night out in Cancun… The shot is “los 3 huastecos”. I’m not going to tell you the ingredients or any extra info about this shot to create a little suspense, so you will order it on your next visit to Abolengo to discover why I am recommending it. 


Now that you know my selection of the 5 best Abolengo Cancun drinks, be sure to include a visit to this bartina on your next visit to Cancun. You will love it!