Twenty-seven kilometers from Puerto Vallarta is a small archipelago in the Bay of Banderas, known as the Marietas Island, an incredible and paradisiac attraction. 

islas marietas puerto vallarta

On these islands, you can see natural caves whose rocks look burned.

Rumors say that bombing practices took place here during the Second World War, which could be the reason for the burn.

However, this is only a rumor. 

Today, this is an area entirely protected by the Mexican government since its beauty of white sand, crystalline waters, and a large number of native species living here have earned this site the title of Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.

islas marietas

Marietas Island, an incredible and paradisiac attraction 

On one of these small volcanic islands is one of the most beautiful and spectacular beaches in all of Mexico, Playa Escondida. 

The water on this beach is so clear that you can see 10 meters deep, and appreciate the reefs and fish that inhabit this area, it’s like swimming in a giant aquarium. 

Also, it is home to a large number of migratory and continental seabirds such as boobies.

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This marine park protects around 44 species of flora and fauna, some considered endangered. 

When you visit the islands, you can dive, snorkel, and admire the most beautiful landscapes of the Pacific Ocean full of life and color.

That is why this island, although it has become a popular tourist destination, only allows access to a small group of people using tours of operators permitted per day.

How to get there?

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To get to these magnificent islands, you will have to take a yacht or boat that will give you a tour of the islands. (From Puerto Vallarta or the Riviera Nayarit). 

You can tour around the island, and if you are lucky, you can get into Playa Escondida.

A gift of nature that has come to surprise everyone.

Next time you visit Puerto Vallarta, don’t forget to visit this incredible attraction close to the city.

We’re sure you won’t regret it!