Halloween is approaching and so is the perfect season for the best themed or costume parties of the year. If you want to stand out from the rest and be the sexiest, boldest or funniest thing of the night, check out this list for the best costumes for a sexy Halloween party in Cabo.

Cruella de Vil

One of Disney’s favorite villains. Dress as Cruella de Vil will make you look sophisticated, elegant, malevolent, and sexy.

A short black chic dress, a cape with spots, a multicolored wig, and an old red cigar mouthpiece, will make you look incredible.



To disguise yourself as an Arab princess will never be out of fashion, and even less in a hot beach destination like Los Cabos.

A top, a long skirt, lots of coin accessories and daring makeup will make you the sensation of the night. 


Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe’s iconic costume will never go out of style.

A short white halter dress, pearl earrings, red lips, and the typical mole on the cheek is the ideal costume if you want to look elegant and beautiful.



The catrinas are an important representation of the dead for Mexicans.

Dressing and painting yourself as a catrina will make you seem like a lover of Mexican culture and traditions and, of course, you will glow with colorful and sexy attire.


Frida Kahlo

Frida is another important Mexican symbol that is recognized worldwide.

Wearing a wreath of flowers and Mexican colors such as the green-flag and Mexican-pink will make you look beautiful and very Mexican.


Greek Goddess

If you want to shine, dressing like a Greek goddess is ideal for you. A

cream-white dress, lots of large gold-colored jewelry, and a few plant headdresses on your hair will be all you need to conquer the night.


Jessica Rabbit

A long red dress with sequins, purple gloves, makeup, and red hair, is all you need to dress like this beloved character known for her sensuality and beauty.



If you’ve always wanted to dress like a Barbie, now’s your chance to do it.

There are many options for dressing up like her, as Barbie has many different costumes and styles.

So you can choose the one you like best and make a cardboard box that simulates the packaging.


Sandy of Grease

This is another classic that doesn’t go out of style. Leather trousers, blacktop, leather jacket, and red heels.

This outfit will make you look sexy, classic, and with a touch of the ’80s that everyone loves. 


Now that you know all these options, it’s time to be creative and start planning your costume. The next step is to find the Cabo nightclub to fit your mood and celebrate this holiday with a great party. 

Who will you disguise yourself as in Cabo?