I’ve never hated Mondays. It´s true! And yes, I know that we need to wake up early to get ready for work/school… But for me, this is the day when I find the right motivation to start my diet and even exercise. Mondays make me feel full of positive attitude!

Maybe was all that Monday’s high that brought me right to the doors of the Temple of nightlife in Cancun: Mandala Nightclub!

Mandala Mardi Gras blog 2

Mandala Cancun, the Temple of Nightlife in town.

Every Monday Mandala has the Mardi Gras Party and… wait a minute! Doesn’t ‘Mardi’ means Tuesday? Yes, you are right! But it is also well known that Mandala plays by its own rules and for them any day of the week is perfect to make us enjoy the craziness of a carnival party.

Mandala Mardi Gras

Monday of Mardi Gras are just AMAZING!


My friend ‘Chema’ was my sidekick for the night, it was really funny to see his mouth open when he first saw the gogo-dancers. All those pretty girls wearing petite bustiers, necklaces and feathers, of course they looked divine! What really surprised me was how friendly they were, smiling and dancing to our cameras, they even posed with ‘Chema’ while I took a photo and gave me one of her collars.


Dancers, music, and drinks… Mondays will never be the same!

As the night passed, several contests were organized at Mandala Cancun. Five guys received a beer jug and the first to drink it all would be the winner of a vodka bottle. We cheered to the Mexican boy but the winner was a ‘thirsty’ guy from Chicago. Several girls went to our table to ask for beads because at the end of the night, the one with more would get a Champagne bottle. The guys were fascinated with this contest, asking for pictures and kisses to these girls before giving them the collars.

Mandala Mardi Gras 5

One of the top moments of the night is the wet t-shirts contest.

Without hesitation, the best of the night was the wet t-shirts contest: The competition between the girls was hard! The next girl in line did something to overcome the previous one: ripping their white t-shirt or just taking it off, twerking dances and all kind of sexy moves that crossed their minds! When the host presented a Brazilian woman I thought the other girls were out but all the girls danced and flirted with us and we were surrendered by their rogueries. At the end, the Mexican chick won and Mandala vibrated like if Mexico were the new champion of the World Cup.

I did not participate in any contest. I was just smiling, singing, drinking, dancing and enjoying my ‘Lundi Gras’. If you are a ‘Moday-Hater’ I challenge you to change your mind and put a little flavor on your days and a lot of Mandala’s Party on your Monday Nights.