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Music, red lights and Palazzo

Cancun is one of the best cities to party. It´s almost overwhelming how many good parties are here and let´s be real, if you are reading this blog, is because your soul only comforts when you find the perfect club, crowd and music to party hard. For you I am going to prescribe the most incredible party in the town: Palazzo’s Red District Night!

Red District

Everybody loves Wednesdays of Red District Night

Let me just say this first, Palazzo has been purposely built to create the perfect luxurious atmosphere so the guests can easily enjoy themselves whilst experiencing the best sound, lighting and performance. All the time at Palazzo the music is good and dance floor is always full of hot people.

Now, let´s talk about what really concerns us: The Red Distric Night!  What is the special thing about this night? Everything! Parties like the Red Distric Night are what got me interested in the Cancun party scene. It is dark, foggy and focused on having a really good time.

Palazzo Red District Night

Palazzo’s dancer wearing the sexy tape costume.

A lot of nightclubs in Cancun have go-go dancers but the girls of Palazzo were only wearing a tempting and sexy tape costume! They were located around the venue, so it doesn´t matter what part of the club you are, you have an amazing view of them.

Music, red lights and choreographies converge into a very unique night. This is not like a men´s club, far to be tacky, Palazzo has accomplished to create a party like no other.

I stayed the whole night from dance floor to the bar, enjoying the beats and drinks. The variety of delicious cocktails here is remarkable too. If you were at Palazzo Cancun last Wednesday you probably saw us, we were the drunken fools happily dancing together in not perfect harmony.

Another important detail about Palazzo is that all the people there are fun and beautiful, everybody follows the unwritten dress code: be stylish and be awesome. Dancing in the best club with amazing people sounds amazing, isn’t it?

If you not only love party but also expect the very best service and entertainment, Palazzo is where you belong. It doesn´t matter if is midweek, Palazzo must be your number one destination if you want to enjoy the best music, the finest cocktails and a very tempting but sophisticated clubbing night in Cancun.