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My 12 New Year’s Resolutions

Año Nuevo en Cancun

Hi everybody! Today I would like to tell you about the tradition of the 12 grapes, which we celebrate in Cancun and probably in many places around the world every NYE.

This tradition has its origins in Spain and was then extended to other countries in Latin America. But how does it work? Well, you must eat 1 grape at each ring of the bell, so at the end of the 12 chimes you will have eaten all 12 grapes. However, the interesting part is that with each grape you can make a wish, which will be granted during the New Year.

As I am a prepared girl, I already have a list with my 12 wishes and want to share it with you in case that you need some ideas:


  1. Everybody dreams of traveling around the world, but a little trip to Dubai is enough for me, as long as it includes a visit to the amazing ‘Palmera Jumeirah’ (the famous palm-shaped island) and a shopping day at the ‘Dubai Mall’. I’m almost sure I could find a new boyfriend!
  2. Like every true fashionista I wish to have a lot of money to spend on clothes.
  3. I wish to be in the first row at a Maroon 5 concert with VIP access and maybe a meet & greet with Adam “love of my life” Levine.
  4. This is an addition to my last wish. I would prefer for Maroon 5’s concert to take place at my favorite spot: Mandala Beach Cancun and only I will get the VIP ticket with backstage access. Do you think he will fall in love once he sees this sexy, brunette partyholic or should I keep asking for the same thing with my last 8 wishes?
  5. My fifth wish is to have grey eyes. I know it is silly, but I love this eye color, it suits me and the tradition just mentioned “12 wishes”, it never mentioned anything about restrictions.
  6. I want a hot body –like JLO- but without the gym sessions or the diets or the plastic surgeries. My plan, once I have that spectacular booty, is to wear a really tiny bikini on the beach.
  7. Eat pizza/hamburgers/tacos or junk food every single day and never get fat or lose my new JLO body.
  8. Approve all my classes at college with A+ (this year I had problems with math –Oh, I really, really hate math!).
  9. As my semester is already over and I can’t change my grades, I wish my parents won’t kill me because of this. I am too young to die, so I will hide my report card until after NYE.
  10. I want to be the president of the world! With me in power the war and famine will be over!
  11. One thing I really want with all my heart this year is to party even more and even harder with the Partyholic Team!
  12. Finally, I want my math teacher’s heart to melt and to have him let me pass so I will finally be able to graduate college!


This are my wish list and resolutions for next year 2017. Do you have yours? Don’t forget to buy grapes for NYE and start practicing to swallow 12 grapes in 12 seconds, it sounds easy but it isn’t!

Happy New Year!

Blog by @yaqueline_mtz