Deciding to move from Querétaro to Cancun has been a crazy trip full of new experiences. This was not only my first time being in Cancun but also my first time by traveling on a plane, my first time living alone but without hesitation my preferred first time belongs to the night when I fell in love at one of the best nightclubs in Cancun: The City  Club Cancun.

It could be said that this was the best decision I have made in my life, since leaving all my loved ones to venture into a complete and new experience by myself wasn’t easy.

To live or not live, that’s the question, isn’t? So, I choose to live and run away from the routine despite all the fear I may feel.

So, I packaged all my belongs and arrived to Cancun. I spent my first days in this destination by enjoying the sea and tanning my body. Mandala Beach Cancun became my favorite spot to enjoy the Caribbean Sea and its sunny days, and just to celebrate my arrival to this paradise, my first Friday night my cousin invite me to go out to clubbing. I must tell you that she is an experimented partyholic, so she promised me that nightlife in Cancun is unparalleled.

So, that Friday night I left my new home ready to enjoy a girls night out, without knowing I would live one of the most magical and romantic nights of my life at the famous The City Club Cancun. Let me tell you in detail the story of how this incredible night came about.

The City Club Cancun

Mandala beach day!

My cousin and I arrived to the ‘party center’ and to be honest we arrived there with no idea of the club we wanted to party in. We were hesitant between buying tickets for La Vaquita or getting open bar tickets for The City Club Cancun. My cousin remembers that on Friday, The City is the king of the night and now I can confirm that this club is big spectacle by itself.  Lights, big screens, a countdown video that makes you feel the party, hundreds of people enjoying and dancing, all this is almost indescriptible, you must experience it.

Our night was great, we were dancing and toasting with the refreshing open bar drinks for being together in Cancun! While we were dancing we met some guys from Santa Monica, CA whom came to Cancun to celebrate is graduation.

I have to be honest and confess that one of the boys caught my attention instantly. His name: Patrick. He was named because he was born on St. Patrick’s Day and while he was talking I was focused on his beautiful green eyes and his beautiful smile. It was Patrick’s first time in Cancun too, just like me… And also his first time at The City Club Cancun  (we have a lot of things in common haha). If you’re wondering how was possible for us to talk between all the noise of the music, the truth is that we go out to take some air (to smoke) and Patrick and his friends join us after some minutes, that’s when we have the chance to talk.

The City Club Cancun

The City Club Cancun

David, a friend of the “new love of my life” was really friendly and nice with us. We were joking about the pronunciation of his name in Spanish, as your write it exactly in both languages but the pronunciation is different. After chatting and flirting a little with this boys, we decided to go back to the club to dance and drink the night away. The DJs was playing a fabulous set of hip hop –my favorite music genre-, so I starting to move my hips and to show my flow when suddenly Patrick took my hand and drove me to the dance floor. It was probably because I was dancing with the cutest guy in the whole club or maybe because the ambiance at The City Disco is amazing, but I felt in a dream. I guess that for my cousin it was so obvious that it was the time of my life because she never asks me to leave or stop the party. I danced with Patrick until the nightclub closed its doors.

Between laughter and jokes we decided to go to the beach in front of Mandala Beach to continue talking about us, our countries, to look at the stars and wait for the sunrise. For all of us –except for my cousin-, this was our first time watching the sunrise over the Caribbean Sea… And boom!  I had my first kiss in Cancun, it was magical, at the perfect scenario of a stunning sunrise I have ever seen, with a handsome green ayes guy, perfect smile and tasty lips.

Unfortunately, like every fairy tale, this night had to end and when the guys accompanied us to take a taxi to home, my cousin met a friend whom offered to take us home. It was so sudden that I forgot to ask Patrick’s phone number or at least to add him to IG, FB or NOTHING! What should you do in this case? My cousin tells me: “just remember this night and get ready for your next party night”.

At the end of the night I was so tired but happy. If you think about it, all you need to do is buy open bars to have a great night surrounded by incredible people from all over the world and to felt a little in love. An open bar ticket is not for the drinks but for the awesome night lived!

Party in The City Club Cancun

Party in The City Club Cancun

So my advice to you partyholic is:

  1. Come to Cancun.
  2. Go to the club of your choice, but I recommend to you La Vaquita, Mandala or The City Club Cancun.
  3. Dance all night until you can’t do it anymore “Don’t stop the party”.
  4. And if you know someone in the club that you like, DON’T FORGET to ask for your phone or a social network since you might not see it again and end up looking in all the social networks photos of that night to see if you can find him.

I’ve been living just a couple weeks in Cancun, I’ve discovered amazing beaches, cenotes, enjoyed wild tours to the jungle and look stunning sunsets with a lagoon view but between all the things to do in Cancun, my favorite is -and will always be- clubbing!

You must discover the nightlife in Cancun to understand what it is so famous. Once you see all the clubs and the hotels illuminated, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

If you are thinking into move to Cancun or get a new beginning, then, do not think about it anymore! Take your bags, say goodbye to your family and your dog, especially your dog, and come to Cancun for an unforgettable experience that is what you will tell your children and grandchildren who will want to come themselves to live an experience almost like yours.

So I hope see you on the next crazy adventure folks!