When you create content about nightlife in Cancun, your ‘research’ can take you to life the most wild, unimaginable and unforgettable nights! But, when you write about Cancun -mecca of Spring breakers- and Playa del Carmen, the experiences lived can turn crazier that you could imagine.


The Mexican Caribbean is well known for its unparalleled nightlife and part of my job is to cover all kinds events, from top EDM DJs shows to urban hip hop parties or Reggaeton artist’s show cases and of course the Spring Break Festival! Some nights are more wild than others and you can end the party night in a different city! I love sharing the stories of what I live when I’m working so this is my most recent experience.

Last June 16th, the famous reggaetonero Manuel Turizo had a show case at Dady’O Cancun. I must confess that I’m not a big fan of this musical genre but instead to expend another Saturday at home watching Netflix, I decided to assist to this event and to enjoy once more the nightlife in Cancun. I always bring a friend with me whenever I’m covering a place or event because is funnier. But this night, my plus one decided to leave me just because her boyfriend called her, I tried to keep her with me by mentioned the rule “sisters before misters” but I lost that battle. So, I find myself at a nightclub completely full of young stylish people but feeling alone. Suddenly, the only song I know of Turizo “Dejala que vuelva” started to play and, a cute guy next to me was trying to sing it but the truth is that he didn´t know the lyric –or speak Spanish- and makes me smile. Naturally, we ended dancing together and after sharing some shots, his party squad become my party squad too.

My new group of friends were staying in Playa del Carmen and as soon as the Turizo leaved the scenario, they leaved Dady’O to keep celebrating at Playa del Carmen! I was invited and when you meet people committed with party like them, you cannot or must not refuse their invitation. Once in Playa, we went to Palazzo Nightclub to drink the last bottle of the night –morning actually, it was 3 am-. The ambiance at Palazzo Playa del Carmen was incredible! We missed the Azteca Show but the dance club was still crowded, the partyholics were singing the songs played and the guys of the table next to ours, were friendly and invited us several shots of tequila… So, like sharing your tequila is synonym of a new real friendship, we accepted to follow them to their clever plan: wait at the club until the last song and then go to the beach to wait the sunrise. At this point of the adventure that idea sounds cool but, when we arrived at the beach about 5 am (me wearing a fancy party dress and high heels) I realized that was maybe a little too much party for me.

That’s the beauty of the nightlife in Cancun, you can start the night at one crowded nightclub and then can be thrown in a totally different ambiance or city!

After taking some great sunrise pictures, I finally said good bye to my two new party groups and go to the ADO station to take the bus back to Cancun and sleep the whole Sunday!

People might think that I’m a little wild when I decided to party but for me the worst sin is to be boring and predictable and the last months that all what I was… I’m back partyholics, GET READY FOR PARTY!


Blob by @CarMarban