Being part of a project like has been one of the craziest and most challenging things I have ever do: I had to learn how to be cooler –if that is possible, have you seen my snapchat account ThePartyholic?- and to keep calm, because routine does not exist here; at Mandala Group every day is a new adventure!


After one year celebrating as a professional, I am now unable to sleep before midnight, I know more than 20 remedies to avoid the effects of a hangover and I became a true DJ expert, knowing a lot of interesting facts about them and of course their music. Now I hear their lyrics and don’t only sing the chorus.


I know which is the best night to visit each nightclub and I know them like the palm of my hand (especially the secret gangways to avoid the crowd and to get to the bar or toilets quickly). I have tasted cocktails I never drank before, and I am pretty sure that those ‘hairy navels’ are guilty of some crazy choreographies I did when the DJ played my favorite song. I can tell you that ‘alcohol’ didn’t make you do it, but the adrenaline of the night and all those hook ups are the result of everybody looking more attractive than they really are, after 2:00 AM. More importantly, I have learned that  when you are the king/queen of the night, everybody wants to party with you, but only your real friends will stay until you are over the hangover.


But, this year wasn’t just about party. We have worked very hard to bring all our partyholics’ crazy deals like $20 USD in my pocket, special discounts for NYE and all the exclusive online offers  you can only book with us. However, all this work has its rewards, such as all those pictures having fun sent by our customers or their emails thanking us for arranging a surprise table upgrade for their bachelorette or birthday party or the VIP treatment they received by our host.


Yes, this year has been an adventure that leave me with new skills to survive in this madness world of party… I can’t wait to see how my next year’s memories will be and hope you will live all of them by reading this blog or even better dancing and toasting with us in Cancun’s and Playa del Carmen’s top nightclubs. Get ready, because soon the party will spread out to Puerto Vallarta and Los Cabos!