Nightlife in Playa del Carmen offers a completely unique experience in one of the favorite destinations of those travelers who love to have fun and enjoy the best entertainment. Palazzo: Experience a glam night in Playa del Carmen.

The Mexican Caribbean has become a perfect spot to take a trip with your best friends, enjoy an exceptional bachelorette party or take a trip as a couple to enjoy incredible party nights. 


However, although there are hundreds of nightclubs in Playa del Carmen that offer events and nightlife experiences from another world, there is one place that has dedicated itself to providing glamorous nights in Playa del Carmen: Palazzo!


Palazzo is located in the heart of the city, at 12th Avenue.

This street is known as the best one for those party lovers who want to celebrate until dawn. 

The roof is full of disc balls, exquisite decoration, chandeliers hanging all over the place, and an utterly electrifying atmosphere.

They say this club is ideal for you if you like to dance, enjoy the best music, and meet people from all over the world. 


And this is not the best of all. Palazzo opens three nights a week, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and each day offers different types of themed parties that will get you involved in the wonders of the Caribbean.

The theme parties are:

  • Carnival / Thursday

Imagine the best of Mardi Gras combined with the best of the Mexican vibes at a carnival party.

Thursdays are perfect for a colorful party, lots of fun, entertainment, and even a colorful outfit where you can stand out from the crowd with the carnival itself.

  • Glow extravaganza / Friday

Looking for a shiny night? They say those who enjoy attention will love a night of “Glow Extravaganza” at Palazzo. 

Neon lights, electronic music, and the perfect lights to make you shine all night long.

What else do you need?

  • Gods of party / Saturday

This party is known as the party of legends.

The Mayan gods who descend upon the earth to dance to the rhythm of the craziest festivities at Palazzo.

These nights are only for those who enjoy an elite and incredibly fun party.


Now you know why Palazzo is known as a party legend.

What do you think? Book your tickets for your next trip to the Mexican Caribbean and experience unique nights.