Holi Partyholics! For sure you already know that tickets for Mandala Cancun NYE Party are already on sale with a crazy DISCOUNT OF $30 USD, is that right? If not, you must do anything to buy your tickets for Mandala NYE 2019 before October 10th because that’s the deadline to get the discount of $30 USD. Well, after being very helpful by sharing this important info with you, now I wanna talk about this party, because it is definitely the preferred nightclub where partygoers celebrate the new year’s eve in Cancun. So, when you arrive to Mandala, for sure the nightclub will be crowded and you will meet amazing people from all around the World, and thanks to me, you can read this attitude and identify the types of party goers to avoid some of them or to get close of your favorite type.


1. First time in Cancun type

Ok, this type is one of my favorites because regularly they came from a cold snowy winter cities so they love Cancun just because the warm December weather but the real reason they enjoy our Mandala Cancun NYE party is because of the OPEN BAR! They don’t have the highest expectations and maybe that’s the reason that they adore everything, specially the all you can drink deal.



2. The romantics

This is the couple whom ignore the rest of the people and have their own world -or party-. Both are gorgeous and look like models, so at the beginning you may hate them a little but then, they just melt you with their PAD (Public Affection Demonstration). Don’t lose your energy by trying to be friend of ‘the romantics’, they ignore everybody else but their special one.



3. The queen/king of the night

Well, this specimen (male or female) came to Mandala Cancun NYE party with their friends. His or her outfit, make up and stylish are impeccable, at the distance you may think that a Kardashian is in the house. Of course they only drink champagne and reserve a VIP Table for NYE party.



4. The fast drinkers

I named ‘fast drinkers’ to the amateurs whom after one hour at the party must leave the club completely wasted. This type of partygoers drink everything like water and apparently they are thirsty. Please remember that your open bar for Mandala NYE Party  also includes the cover for the NYE After Party at Mandala Beach Club, so  make sure to not be buzzed before 2 am.



5. The real partyholics

This type describes me. This is the guy/girl who knows how to party, dance and sing all the songs, have fun with their friends, drinks every shot offered and is friendly with the people around her. We, the real partyholics follow the instructions of the DJ and put our hands up, jump and sing lowder when our leader –the DJ- ask for it.

The real partyholics Mandala Cancun NYE Party

I’ll be working on NYE (we both know that for us, the Mandala Lovers, to work means to party!) so we’ll probably meet us this next NYE at Mandala and we share a drink or toast together for a great 2019. See you then!