When we talk about Cancun, the first thing that comes to our mind is PARTY! And of course, we want to dance the hits of the moment at the best night club, and for me a party in Palazzo Cancun is simple electrifying.

Until now, I had the pleasure to party at The City Cancun Nightclub, at Mandala and also I already know the famous Tuesday Pool Party of Mandala Beach. My most recent adventure was the Electric Party in Palazzo Cancun!  I had heard that Palazzo plays electronic music only, but actually the music is varied, yes they play EDM but also some reggaeton & Latin music sets plus top 40 international hits.

So, after clarifying the type of music played in Palazzo, I want to share every detail about the magic night that I had there, this is definitely one of the most memorable nights I could imagine!

Oh! Before the gossip and dirty details, another important thing to know about the party in Palazzo Cancun is that only happens on Wednesday… Sound a little crazy that one of the best nightclubs in Cancun opens its doors only on midweek, right? But everybody here knows that on Wednesday, Palazzo is the place to be.

Party in Palazzo Cancun

Palazzo Cancun

The party is called the Electric Night or like other people call it Electro Party. But let me start by telling you how amazing is the structure of Palazzo and its stunning decoration; on the outside looks like and a beautiful Greek structure with a lot of stairs, two big statues on each side of the door and red curtains at the entrance.

When you get into the club you can feel the moment, and that’s when you realize this will be one of the best experiences of your life! So, after the check in desk, you need walk down stairs to get in to the dance floor, it’s amazing, the lights that light the place, the staff is very attended plus the music… All this made the perfect moment, but what drew attention of everyone was the dancers whom dress a neon outfits in some platforms with a tube.

My night started with my first drinks -rum with coke- and the night was going so well when suddenly a waiter comes to give us free shots of something with apple syrup, vodka and other things that I can’t remember but it tasted so delicious! And, as we say in Mexico “Arriba, abajo, al centro y pa’ dentro”, we drink it all and then my friend and I continued dancing and having fun.

We were dancing when without warning, the whole place went dark and out of nowhere came a robot with lights and start dancing to the beat of the music and all the people was look at him. It was so epic, something that I never see in my life and then when I thought everything was ended, another man with lights come and star dancing with some green lights, like if he manipulated the green light, like a sword, and in other moves like a string instrument, that show definitely blow my mind!

Palazzo Cancun Vip Table

The best partys just in Palazzo Cancun

Then, a boy who’s from Spain and his friend come to us and star talking us, he was flirting with my friend. Yes, a party in Palazzo Cancun looks to be the perfect excuse to flirt. Both guys were a little drunk –and we too-, and like alcohol makes you believe you’re a great dancer, we dance we dance all night until we can’t do it anymore, and not because we can’t continue dancing, we stopped because de nightclub was going to close.

In conclusion, the nightlife in Cancun Mexico is perfect to meet new people and also a great opportunity to make good friends for life. I mean, I can´t remember de name of the Spanish boys but if you’re not like me, I promise to you that you will have friend for life.

I can’t explain or define how cool is to party in one of the top clubs in Cancun, to spend a night just drinking and dancing with your friends to later write about it. I consider myself a very lucky partyholic girl in the pursuit of more perfect moments.

So I will see you in the next adventure folks!