A wise Greek once said: “A life without a holiday is like a long journey without an inn to rest at” and we couldn’t agree more. Democritus quote sticks to us during this Spring Break season which started last weekend, and in Palazzo Cancun, we celebrated with the most awesome and glamours Spring Sounds blowout: The Olympus Party.


Stay Greek

An epic feast with an elegant greek theme took place on the first Saturday of March where gorgeous caryatids come alive and girls with kotinos (olive wreath) got turnt at the dance floor. The Olympus Party inaugurated Spring Break season at Palazzo with a fabulous offer: Good music in a modern and extravagant environment.


Booze of the Ancient Gods

Greeks as a civilization tend to be welcoming, caring and have assured us they know how to party. And Palazzo’s Saturday Olympic Party did not disappoint: Plenty of drink specials kept the party flowing. To be a part of this mythological party this month, get your tickets early and party like a god with unlimited national drinks along with a personalized service.

Hellenic Vibes

Neon flash lights and an enhanced lighting set up with an unprecedented sound system were the main characters in this hellenic and legendary starry night. From electronic beats to Latin sounds, by way of new tunes and fist pump along to premium club cuts, DJ Five brought everything together for a perfect mix in this dope party.

DJ FIVE made Palazzo Cancun tremble with his beats.

Girls with kotinos

Palazzo Cancun continues to be the exclusive nightclub of the scene with an elegant and overpowering design which make it the perfect hotspot for lots of pretty people, which include both visitors and local. And this Spring Break heat has everyone hitting the dance floor.


Keep it Greek!

Keep it greek this month and join us for the third part of The Olympus Party with special guest Ares Carter who will wake up an ancient civilization with his beats. Save the date! The party awaits on March 16th at Palazzo Cancun. This is one party you won’t want to miss. Get your tickets today here to dance the night away in the most exclusive (and greek) club in Cancun.