Hi partyholics! The best season of the year is here… Summer nights are amazing in Cancun Nightclubs but summer love is definitely the best of the best! So, like Mexico’s top destinations will be visited for people around the World and for sure Cupid will make you to fall in love with a beautiful estranger Adonis or Aphrodite, today I’m going to teach you 3 basic phrases to meet people and make new friends.

  1. Hello! What’s your name?

Yes, the first and most important thing is to know the name of the person of your interest (And hopefully you won’t forget it on the next day), here are some translations:

Spanish: Hola, ¿cómo te llamas?

French: Salut! Comment tu t’appelles?

Portuguese: Olá, como te chamas?

Italian: Ciao, come ti chiami?

German: Hallo, wie heißt du?


  1. What are you drinking? Can I invite you one more drink?

Even you both have open bar tickets with free drinks, there’s no better way to flirt than offering a drink! Here are the phrases in other languages:

Spanish: ¿Qué estás tomando? ¿Te invito otro ‘drink’?

French: Qu’est-ce que tu bois? Puis-je vous inviter à boire un coup?

Portuguese: O que você está bebendo? Posso te convidar outra bebida?

Italian: Cosa stai bevendo? Posso invitarvi un altro drink?

German: Hallo, wie heißt du? Ich möchte dich auf einen drink einladen?

  1. Do you wanna dance?

Dancing is the best way to know if between you and your new love have chemistry… So don’t lose time and go to the dance floor:

Spanish: ¿Quieres bailar?

French: veux-tu danser avec moi?

Portuguese: Você quer dançar comigo?

Italian: Vuoi ballare con me?

German: Willst du mit mir tanzen?

So, you already knows his name, what he/she likes to drink and there’s something special between you and him… So, why do not settle a second date? Here’s an extra question for you:

See you at Mandala tomorrow?

Mandala Cancun opens daily, so this is a great option for your second date with your summer love 😉

Spanish: ¿Nos vemos mañana en Mandala?

French: A demain à Mandala?

Portuguese: Vejo você amanhã no Mandala? ?

Italian: Ci vediamo domani a Mandala?

German: Bis morgen im Mandala?

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