Music feeds the soul! There is no doubt it is right! Everything tastes better with a good song at every moment of your life.

Music while road-tripping to a beach destination like Puerto Vallarta, watching the beauty of the sea for an afternoon, or for the pre-party for the best night out of your life. 

Playlist para un fin de semana de fiesta en Puerto Vallarta

If you don’t know which are the best travel playlists for an incredible weekend of partying in Puerto Vallarta, don’t worry, we have gathered all the playlists you need to live a trip full of rhythms and unique moments.

P.S. To listen to them, you’ll need only one thing: a Spotify account. It’s that simple!

Playlist for the road trip

  • Road trip:

A playlist to relax while you observe the beautiful roads or landscapes of Mexico’s cities. 

  • Songs to sing in the Car:

A compilation of totally inspiring English hits to sing along with all your excitement as you head for your destination. 

  • Classic Road Trip Songs:

Are you a classics lover? This playlist is definitely for you if you answered “yes.” 

  • Hot Road Trip 

For an electrifying and moving road trip, you need to listen to this playlist.


Playlist for an afternoon at the beach

  • Beach party:

A frozen coconut, the view of the Pacific Ocean, and this playlist, there’s no better combination. 

  • Beach Music, 2020:

Tropical rhythms and fun guaranteed with this playlist that will make you feel the real beat of the beach. 

  • Beach vibes

Feel the vibes of the beach with this playlist that will make you enjoy a trip to Puerto Vallarta. 

Playlist for the pre-game

  • Good Vibe: 

The playlist description says: Pure, fresh music to start the night off. 

  • Mirrey

The perfect playlist to start enjoying a few drinks with friends on a pre-game night. 

  • Pre-game

A playlist with only one purpose: to make the night come alive. 


Playlist for the ride to the club 

  • Girls Night:

Girls night out in Puerto Vallarta? It is a dazzling playlist that will awake your senses.

  • Dance party

This checklist will get you started on the rhythm to practice your dance steps before you get to the club. 

  • Spring sounds fest

Are you ready to experience the Spring Break to the fullest? 


Playlist to wake up from the hangover

  • Coconut with lemon

To clear your mind of the craziness of the day before and enjoy the beach as it should be. 

  • Tropical Vibration

May the tropical vibes cure all your ills and make you feel like a new person, and get ready to live a top new experience! 

These travel playlists are perfect for enjoying a weekend of partying in Puerto Vallarta.

So, download your App and get ready to feel the rhythms of the Pacific like never before.