Living a Christmas in Los Cabos is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. But why spending Christmas in Los Cabos is your best option? 

Whales are not the only visitors who crave the warm waters of the Pacific and the sunshine of Mexico’s beaches, but all of those who are looking for a special vacation.

Mexican festivities, traditions, and culture can be fully appreciated by spending a Christmas here, as you will find plenty of activities that are shared in every corner of the city. 

Pasar navidad en Cabos


Throughout December there are many parties and events in the city.

The celebration of the Virgin of Guadalupe on December 12, the posadas in the plazas, restaurants, and hotels of the city, the Christmas Eve dinner on the beach or at international restaurants, and the morning of December 25 where all the gifts arrive for those who have been waiting. 

Everywhere you go, you’ll feel the festive vibe. 

Also, some nightclubs, bars, beach clubs, and restaurants offer events that make you feel all the Christmas vibe you need. 

festividades navideñas en los cabos

Christmas Drinks 

Typical Christmas drinks take over Los Cabos this season.

You can savor the traditional Christmas punch, a drink made with a mixture of fruits.

Each establishment prepares it in different ways, so you can be a Christmas punch hunter. 

Also, some regional beers bring out their seasonal products which can only be found in these months.

You can also enjoy the delicious eggnog, a Mexican drink based on egg yolks, vanilla and milk, which you can find throughout the year, but is very popular during Christmas. 

Connecting with nature 

Christmas is about connecting with the people you love the most and, of course, being able to reconnect with nature.

There is no better place for nature lovers than Los Cabos. 

In addition to enjoying the Christmas trees in the city, you can appreciate cacti in the desert. The landscapes that you will be able to witness are simply indescribable. 

There are also many ways to explore the desert, either by foot, on horseback, on a camel, by 4×4 motorcycles or with a guide who takes you to a tour.

el desierto los cabos

Crystals waters of Cabo

The lights of the Christmas decoration will compete with the colors of the fishes that you will find in the crystals waters of Los Cabos.

You will be able to observe different species of parrotfish, angels, moors, damsels, and of course, the kings of the sea: the whales. 

Christmas is the perfect time to watch the humpback and gray whales that come to Los Cabos during this season. 

The whole city is full of activities, markets, and celebrations throughout December, so living this season here will be a fun, refreshing and unifying experience for you and your loved ones.