Year 2015 is almost over and if you are in Mexico during December, than for sure you will be part of a Mexican posada party, it doesn’t matter if you organized it or just a guest… You will enjoy the posada!

For those who don’t have a clue about what a Posada is, explanation is simple: a big Mexican Christmas Party where everybody is invited. From December 16th to 24th nine parties are organized to commemorate Mary and Joseph’s searching for refuge in Bethlehem.

Nowadays, posadas are like theme parties and this year the most original is Mandala Cancun Galactic Posada, Party and Star Wars? I am in!

But talking about tradition, there are some basic elements for a real posada:

  1. Pastorela

posada pastorela

A Pastorela is like a nativity play with Mary, Joseph, three Wise Men, shepherds and even the devil who tries to to prevent the arrival of all to see baby Jesus.


  1. Christmas carols

posada villancicos

Not the classic “we wish you a merry xmas” but a real conversation made song. You ask for posada (lodgment) and your host respond. After you beg for a while you finally get inside the house or venue and the party begins.


  1. Tamales y Fruit Punch (with alcohol included)

posada Ponche

The host will feed you with traditional fruit punch, atole (hot corn and masa based Mexican beverage), tamales, pozole and any other Mexican food the host wish to share.


  1. Piñata

posada piñata

Hitting a piñata star (the 7 peaks represent the 7 capital sins) while people are singing “Dale dale dale no pierdas el tino”, when the piñata is finally broken everybody try to pick up as many candies as possible.


  1. Aguinaldos

Posada Aguinaldo

An Aguinaldo is the posada’s souvenir and consists in a little bag full of candies, fruit and cookies. Perfect for the monchis-after-party!


How many posadas have you been invited to this year? Was the food good? What is your favorite memory of a posada party? Share your experience with our #partyholics.