Spring season is here, and there is only one thing left to do, decide whether you prefer to visit blooming fields, vineyards, cities full of light, or to enjoy the tranquility of the beaches. 

Primavera: ¿por qué es la mejor temporada para viajar?

But why is spring the best season to travel?

Spring trips are perfect for reconnecting with nature, taking advantage of discounts and promotions with the off-season, and getting perfect photos for your Instagram profile. 

Primavera: ¿por qué es la mejor temporada para viajar?

Here are some reasons why you should travel during spring

Incredible landscapes

Whatever the destination you visit, you will be able to see the flowers and vegetation in all their splendor.

No matter if it is on the beach, or in a cosmopolitan city, the atmosphere of spring is felt everywhere you go. 

Goodbye, cold weather! Welcome back, flower fields!

paisajes increíbles

Bye-bye crowds

If you are looking for a trip where you can find some peace, you have to do it during this season. 

The winter holidays are over, and many are waiting for the summer to come around again.

Yes, your chances to take advantage of an incredible destination are in spring.

viaje de primavera

Incredible hotel stays

Has it ever happened to you that during high season you have not managed to book into your dream hotel?

Well, this won’t happen during the spring.

Also, you can get reasonable prices, events, and all kinds of incredible activities.

And of course, you can enjoy a 5-star service in the best luxury hotels in your destination.

Estancias de hotel

Light, sun and a perfect climate

The heat is already here. However, it is not a heat that bothers you.

It is an enjoyable climate.

If you visit Cancun or Playa del Carmen, you can spend your days getting a perfect tan, next to the sand, and the most beautiful views of the Caribbean Sea. 

Primavera: ¿por qué es la mejor temporada para viajar?

Festivals and Spring Break

If you are looking for a dose of madness and fun, you can find it during this season.

That’s right, Spring Break is in spring (duh), and the beaches of Mexico and a few other tourist destinations turn into endless nights of parties with the best of Mexico’s nightlife.


So, where to travel?

Although you can choose from beautiful cities like Barcelona, Spain; Lake Tahoe, California; Las Vegas; Marrakech or Mendoza de la Patagonia, Argentina, there is one destination that is very special for this season, Cancun! 

Springtime in Cancun is full of sandy beaches, crystal clear sea, affordable prices, and parties everywhere. 

You can observe a few birds that arrive during this season, do all kinds of eco-activities, take cultural tours and enjoy eco-tourism parks under a spectacular climate.

What else do you need?

cancun mexico

Now you know why we have so much love for this season of the year.

And if you still don’t believe us that the best time to travel is during the spring, check it out for yourself.