After several months confined at home and with super limited excursions to buy groceries and basic things, I’m pretty much sure that you are ready to travel and to feel free again. Maybe you have in mind a trip to Los Cabos, to enjoy the beach, to visit the famous arch and to celebrate at their venues. Although our desire to travel is great, the concern for our safety is bigger so today we are going to talk about what it is like to travel in times of Covid-19 in Cabo.

The first thing you should know is that although some places have already opened, not everything has returned to normal. For example, even airlines, hotels and somel restaurants operate regularly, at the moment all bars and nightclubs in Los Cabos are still closed and they cannot give an official reopening date. Why? Because according to the gradual opening plan based on the epidemiological traffic light, the discotheques and bars will have opening permits until it is green. In other words, it does not depend so much on the clubs, but rather on the rate of infection being lowered, since partying involves a lot of contact from partyholic to partyholic.


If the clubs are closed, then what can a partyholic do during times of covid-19 in Cabo?

Spending the day in the pool of your hotel to get that golden tan that we like to show off is one of our favorites activities, obviously following the safety and hygiene protocols that the hotel has implemented. Another option is to take a walk through the manire of Los Cabos. Do not forget to bring your face mask and even antibacterial gel – which you probably are used to bringing in your bag-.


And now that we are in the Marina, you will surely want to taste the best burgers in Los Cabos and for that you must go to Abolengo. This lounge with a unique concept, offers refreshing cocktails and exquisite food, and during this season has some theme nights with a tribute to favorite artists such as Luis Miguel, salsa night, etc. Abolengo Cabo is one of the few establishments with permission to open as it has implemented all the safety, hygiene and health protocols recommended by the WHO.


What can you expect from your visit to Abolengo Los Cabos?

Well, let’s start that before entering you must use the sanitizing mat, antibacterial gel, respect the healthy distance and your temperature should not exceed 37.5%. Once at your table, you can see the menu from your smartphone as it is downloaded with a QR code to avoid contact with physical menus. Your food will arrive at the table protected by a bell (the cover that restaurants use to keep food warm).

The most recommended form of payment is with credit or debit card, however we have a better option: book your dinner online in Abolengo Cabos. And if you want to pay directly at the club with cash, it is also possible. The waiter will wear required gloves and sanitizers when giving you your change.


Something very important that you should know is that we must follow strict protocols for the covid-19 in Cabo, these measures are intended to take care of us, so Abolengo and any other establishment (including supermarkets), should not be crowded, all the venues are only allowed a certain number of people in their facilities. Today more than ever, making a reservation is essential.


Are you ready to explore Mexico and the world again with the “new normal” and its security measures? I do and I’m going to start at Los Cabos!