We have been quarantined for more than 7 months now! We must continue to take care of ourselves, because the covid-19 has already ruined our Spring Break, Summer Break, fishing tournament and even Halloween… However little by little restaurants and certain recreational centers have been opening, but the million dollar question is: when will be the reopening of nightclubs in Cabo?

We all die for a night of partying in clubs like Mandala, but so far they are all closed and without an official reopening date. It’s very sad!


Why is there no reopening date for the clubs in Los Cabos? The answer has to do with the epidemiological traffic light since the Federal Government indicated that the nightclubs and bars of Los Cabos -and all over Mexico- may open until the traffic light be green, and the color change depends on many variants so there is no way to confirm a date and we still have no official day to return to our party nights.


Of course, as your favorite infiltrator of the nightlife of Cabo, I am going to tell you a little secret: La Vaquita will open its doors this November!!!  Finally!!!


Los Cabos is undoubtedly one of the destinations most controlled by its state government, the anti-covid protocols and measures are very strict compared to other destinations, the number of establishments opened is reduced too… But the entertainment industry will see its rebirth in this city and the proof of that is the reopening of La Vaquita Cabo.


We have already told you in previous articles, each place that opens has a maximum capacity and in this case it is 30%, that means that a maximum of 130 people will be able to enjoy the reggaeton and hip hop beats that characterize La Vaquita. Why am I telling you this? Well, so you hurry up and book in advance your tickets to guarantee your place in the most fun place in Los Cabos.


If in the past you went to La Vaquita in Cabo or you met its sister venues in Cancun or Playa del Carmen before covid-19, surely you had crowded nights… Now all the guests must have their own table to respect the healthy distance; And something super interesting is that a food menu was incorporated because if you want to order drinks and cocktails, you must consume a snack. The good thing about this is that the snack menu includes our favorite cravings such as boneless, wings, hamburgers and tacos, and of course they are a perfect match to enjoy with a beer, a margarita or with your favorite drink.


You are probably fed up with so many times that we have mentioned that each establishment must have sanitizing gel and mat and La Vaquita will also have those security measures (including body temperature measurement). All this in order to offer a fun but safe environment.


Well, I am very happy with this news, the reopening of nightclubs in Cabo this November 2020 is becoming a reality. We started with La Vaquita and hopefully soon Mandala and Kitty.


So start planning that trip to Los Cabos for the last months of the year, because we will be waiting for you ready to celebrate!