Riviera Nayarit’s treasure (Puerto Vallarta) has much more to offer than just beautiful beaches and fantastic nightlife. You will also find a great variety in the gastronomic offer of this city. Vallarta Classics: Puerto Vallarta’s Restaurants You Can’t Miss

If you plan to walk the streets of Puerto Vallarta in search of the hidden delights of Mexican cuisine, we have the best restaurants in Puerto Vallarta that you can’t miss.


The art of Mexican gastronomy is reflected in every dish that Porfirio’s offers.

Detail, flavor, intensity, and tradition is what this place projects bite by bite.

The atmosphere surrounds us with vibrant music and splendid food that will take your palate by surprise. 


La Vaca Argentina

Elegance can also be found in an excellent cut of this restaurant.

Discover the delights Of La Vaca’s menu and feel the warm embrace of its four cheese cream while sipping red wine to match perfectly.

Restaurantes en Puerto Vallarta que no te puedes perder

La Dolce Vita

A place to share a night of stories and anecdotes with friends.

This little Italian corner will transport you to the countryside of pasta and wine’s land.

Enjoy the delicious wood-fired pizzas with a variety of fresh ingredients.


La Leche

The concept of this restaurant is truly unique.

The entire interior of the restaurant is white, so space gives the idea of being inside a milk carton.

Also, a completely different menu is offered every day – a unique monochromatic experience!


8 Tostadas

Freshness on toast.

The 8 Tostadas are famous for their variety of dishes inspired by the sea.

If you want to enjoy the delights of Puerto Vallarta, this is the place to be. Get into a relaxed and authentically tropical atmosphere while enjoying every part of the frozen coconut. 


You see, Puerto Vallarta is a vast menu with gastronomic possibilities for all tastes, so yours will be no exception.

These are the Puerto Vallarta Restaurants You Can’t Miss.