I hope all my partyholics are doing well! I’m super excited to see SAK NOEL in Cancun this July 13 at the biggest nightclub in Latin America: The City Nightclub! I really can’t wait to see him and I hope all my partyholics too!

Everyone knows him for his greatest successes like Loca People, Paso and Trumpets, but few people know him a little more thoroughly, so I’ll tell you a little more …

Sak Noel, whose full name is Isaac Mahmood Noell, is a house and electronic music DJ of Spanish origin who started in music in adolescence, influenced by electronic sounds in the 21st century.

Wow, you knew that in 2009 Sak Noel together with his best friend, founded a musical company called “Moguda” which means “moved” in Catalan. In which he carried out musical productions for different artists and clubs. In addition every year in Gerona there is an electronic music festival called “Moguda Dance Festival” that started from this company.

On the other hand, Sak has had several successful tracks like “Loca People”, “Paso”, “No boyfriend, No problem”, which of course we all love! But undoubtedly his greatest success has been “Trumpets” with which he collaborated with Salvi and Sean Paul, and that exceeded 100 million views on YouTube!

With his great success “Loca People” Sak did the musical part and also the visual part, that’s right! He was the director of his own music video! Well, he’s a great artist, don’t you think?

Undoubtedly with the great background and experience of Sak Noel, will make this July 13 in The City Cancun an unforgettable night for all the partyholics! Or not?

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