After 135 days of confinement -yes, you are reading well, it was 135 days of absolute confinement for me-, the first weekend of August I finally escaped to Playa del Carmen. My friends and I stayed at a little hotel which is located very close to the 12th Av on the famous Fifth Avenue of this city, our receptionist recommended us to dinner at a restaurant in Playa del Carmen that is very fun: Santito Tun Tun.


So, our first night in town we went to dinner at this place and I want to tell you about my experience in this safe and fun restaurant in Playa del Carmen.


Santito Tun Tun is located in front of one of the most famous nightclubs in Playa del Carmen, Mandala, so you can use it as a reference to get there. Because the nightclubs and bars are officially closed in town, the 12th Avenue does not look as partying as before the covid-19 in Playa, but once you are getting close to Santito you will feel the tropical beats in your heart.

You must use a sanitizing mat before accessing, they take your temperature and you must apply gel on your hands. In other words, it complies with the basic measurements of all places opened. The host takes you to your table and the waiter cleans it before you settle in, the menu is already by QR code. That is why I consider one of the safest restaurants open in Playa del Carmen.


But what about the fun and the atmosphere? Well, despite being super committed with the health and hygiene protocols, Santito has made sure that the service and our experience as customers is not overshadowed. It is true that now the tables are more distant but it is perfect for you to start dancing right there with your friends.

Something cool about this healthy distance is that flirtations are returning to be like in the time of our parents, because that night my friends and I  received shots from another table on two occasions! And since what happens in Playa stays in Playa, I’m not going to give you details about that, I just will confess that I danced until the place closed its doors.

And speaking of dance, something incredible about Santito Tun Tun Playa is the music, because during the  time we were there, we listened to a little rock-pop, electro and reggaeton… And literally all the tables got up to dance in their own area.


Another thing that I loved was the concept of “funk Mexican munchies” which implies that on the menu you will find pure delicacies to kill the fierce hunger that comes to us on party nights. I’m a fan of Asian food so I tried the sushi and edamames -I loved them because they have the perfect touch of soy and chili pepper-, my friends enjoyed a hamburger and barbecue tacos – we had to ask for another order because the first was to share-. The barbecue tacos at  Santito Tun Tun restaurant-bar are without a doubt now my favorites in the entire Riviera Maya. I highly recommend them, just be careful with the habanero sauce if you don’t want to give yourself the “enchilada” of your life! And since our visit to this restaurant in Playa del Carmen was our first official date out after-covid19, we decided to try the exclusive mixology of the place. The mixology of the place has holy names such as: Alas de Angel (Angel wings), Santo Remedio (Holy Remedy) and Agua Bendita (Holy Water) -the latter was my favorite-.

We drank a lot so our waiter – who became our friend during the night – invited us to return to Santito the next day as they also have lunches with a different menu. So the next morning – actually at noon – we went back and cured our hangover with some ceviches and their respective ice cold beer.


Although there are already several establishments open in the city, without a doubt among all the restaurants in Playa del Carmen, Santito Tun Tun is the safest, most fun and I recommend it either for the day or for the night!