Imagine a night of urban sounds that pay tribute to romantic and colorful lyrics, highlighting the feeling of falling in love at first sight while you restore your faith in music, dancing and singing along to:

Cuando yo te vi, te vi, te vi, me enamore de inmediato eso fue en el acto” (when I looked at you, I fell in love immediately).

Well, this will be possible at Piso 21’s Concert at The City Cancun.

Concierto - Piso 21 The City

Yes, you must do anything to be at The City Nightclub next Friday, June 28th for Piso 21’s breathtaking show!

This 4 member band present a worldwide class event, which this time will take place in the largest club in town -and Latin America too- & you can’t miss it, so don’t forget to get your tickets on time!

Regular tickets include access with domestic Open Bar to amaze your night (You can click here or here for more info about it).

The City - Piso 21

The Colombian band composed of Juan David Castaño (Voice), Juan David Huertas (Lead guitar), David Escobar (Voice and rhythm guitar) and Pablo Mejia Bermudez (Voice) have earned their place in the music industry, as well as social media and different digital platforms.

Reaching more than 12.5 million Spotify monthly listeners, 2 million Instagram followers, over 4.6 million Youtube subscribers, and more than 3 billion views on their official channels, they have become superstars not only at México but worldwide.

Piso 21’s takeover plan is all about mixing urban sounds and music collaborations, especially after a blockbuster year for “Urbano” music.

Encompassing genres like pop, Latino, and certain styles of reggae fused with Urbano catchy dancehall melodies redefine what it means Spanish-language music.

Following this big movement that aims for global domination, they have had only one purpose in mind: No Boundaries.

The City Piso 21

This year’s singles suggest their purpose is not so far off from that: No boundaries, neither on music, nor life. Straight out of Medellin, the band established in 2007 and it was until 2012 when they appeared on the map thanks to their debut studio album Piso 21, as they were nominated for Best New Artist in the Latin Grammy Awards that same year.

Overcoming boundaries when it’s about collaborations, Piso 21 has collaborated in many big projects, such as Suele Suceder with Puerto Rican singer Nicky Jam and Me llamas, an official remix featuring Colombian singer Maluma.

Other singles include Besándote featuring British singer Annie-Marie as well as Te Amo with Argentinian artist Paulo Londra, and among the most popular ones:

Déjala Que Vuelva featuring Manuel Turizo, and Te vi in collaboration with Venezuelan hip-hop artist Micro TDH.

Concierto de Piso 21 en The City Cancún

Piso 21 not only delights us with their urban beats but also inspires us to burn down boundaries between sounds and nationalities.

Let the music take you away for a night with no limits at the event that you can’t possibly miss. We have a date on June 28 at The City for Piso 21’s concert in Cancun!