There is one thing you have to do at least once when you visit Puerto Vallarta: Take a yacht ride with your friends and see the best of PV.

Imagine spending an entire day touring the bay and its surroundings while admiring the beautiful scenery of the ocean.

spots para desembarcar en yate puerto vallarta

Then anchoring at some point and jumping into the dense waters of the Riviera Nayarit, and at the end, you end up to see a warm and ever-changing sunset. 

Here we leave you the best spots to anchor during your yacht trip in Puerto Vallarta:

Casitas Maraika 

Casitas Maraika is undoubtedly one of the best places to reach for living a 5-star day.

This beach club is at the foot of a remote mountain a few kilometers from Puerto Vallarta.

If you are going to land here, keep in mind that you will stay for a while in this exotic spot, because here drinks and hours never seem to be enough. 


Marietas Islands

If you want to swim and dive, you have to be near the Marietas Islands.

If you anchor here and feel lucky, the tide might below so you will be able to take a dip in the wonders of this archipelago hidden on the shores of PV.


Las Animas Beach 

Playa las Ánimas de Quimixto, better known only as “Playa Las Ánimas,” is a beautiful beach and small town in the southern part of Puerto Vallarta past Boca de Tomatlán which can only be reached by sea.

It is ideal for disembarking and eating in one of its tasty restaurants and then continuing with your yacht tour.


The Caletas

If you don’t know paradise, well, here’s a little piece of it.

Playa las Caletas is a small hidden beach accessible only by sea.

Here you can descend to relax for a few moments in one of its hammocks installed at the edge of the beach ideal to take a refreshing drink while you rock to the rhythm of the ocean breeze. 


When you arrive at this exotic place, you will be welcomed by high and majestic palm trees, with golden sand.

It hides in a virgin territory of the south coast of the bay.

Here you can swim in its crystalline waters or rest a bit from the yacht’s movement as you lie on the shore.


Ready to sail?

Step into the jewels of the Riviera in Puerto Vallarta and enjoy an entire day when you dock at the best spots in the area.