A name as cool as ‘Lil Jon’ is what Jonathan Smith chose to launch into the world of rap. Lil Jon is part of the group The East Side Boyz, and has managed to be one of the best urban genre without his lyrics talk about gangs or the eccentric life of rappers. In addition he is also a respected producer and maker of successes.

Before being famous and being asked for by the masses of young people who will visit Cancun during the Spring Break 2018. Lil Jon used to work as a DJ in a club in Atlanta, where he was born and raised. His talent was discovered in 1993 by So So Def (the label of Jermaine Dupri, another respected producer who has collaborated with TLC, Jay-Z and Ludacris), but his worldwide fame came a decade later when in 2003 he launched ‘Get Low’ ft Ying Yang Twins. Does this track ring a bell on you? Surely it does, because it is still kicking ass in the nightclubs of Cancun and the world, but if you need more references, this song is also part of the soundtrack of the videogame ‘Need For Speed ​​Underground 2’.


But let’s continue talking about the ‘king of Crunk’ (crunk is a type of hip hop that mixes rap and bass music). I bet you didn’t know that it is the producer behind one of the hits of Usher, the song of which I speak is “Yeah!” He also produced Ciara’s ‘Goodies’ and… well, the list is huge.


I can’t wait long enough for March 27th when it finally arrives the date for Lil Jon in The City Cancun, sure I will listen and dance to the rhythm of ‘Get Low’ and other major hits . If you want to join this super show, buy your discount tickets for Lil Jon in Cancun today because getting sold out.

This concert is part of the calendar of events of the Spring Sounds Cancun Music festival, which in its second edition also includes presentations by Lil Wayne, Deorro, Borgore and many other artists.