At the peak of the summer comes to Cancun the most expected event of the year. During the whole month of July, you can enjoy the best beach festival in the Caribbean’s most exclusive and popular club: Mandala Beach

Imagine the most paradisiacal spot in Cancun in which you can meet people from all over the world with the same goal: to sunbathe at the Caribbean sun and assist to the best summer music festival of their lives.

A perfect summer where everything is about tanning, drinking exotic refreshing drinks at the seashore with the best beat in the city. How does that sound?

If you’re ready to be part of this summer adventure, here’s all the DJs who will be joining us all summer long, for the best day to night experience. 

Lineup : 

  • July 11 – Mario Guerra
  • July 12 – Fernando Delgado
  • July 13 – Hector Vazquez
  • July 14 – Omar Labastida
  • July 18 – Edgar Velazquez
  • July 19 – Roberto Zavala
  • July 20 – Jesus Nava
  • July 21 – Jenny Solis
  • July 25 – OAKIE
  • July 26 – NEFF
  • July 27 – Fernando Delgado 
  • July 28 – Jerry Rodriguez