S U M M E R is here! Undoubtedly, Summer is the most funny season of the year thanks to its enjoyable sunny beach days and lots of partying.

And as we are ready to celebrate the longest nights of the year, I bring you the 3 songs that you will listen at the top nightclubs in Cancun and beach parties.


  1. ‘Despacito’ – Luis Fonsi featuring Daddy Yankee

Pasito a pasito, suave suavecito, nos vamos pegando poquito a poquito’, surely you already heard this song, right? It is certainly THE success of this 2017 and although it was released since the beginning of the year, it has remained in the #1 position in the charts around the world.

How is that ‘Despacito‘ become a huge musical success? Well, when two different genres like urban music and pop come together, they manage to push the melody, the rhythm, the emotions and the lyric to the limit.

Both, the original version and the Remix (with Justin Bieber) have arrived to stay. Enjoy its seductive rhythm and unleash your body every time you dance this song because undoubtedly you’ll hear everywhere this Summer.



  1. ‘I´m The One’ – DJ Khaled featuring Justin Bieber

Another hit of the year is: ‘I’m The One’, the new song by DJ Khaled in collaboration with Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance the Rapper and Lil Wayne. With all this talent involved, it is not uncommon this song catches you practically from the first beat.

Did you know that ‘I’m the one’ is already trending topic in social networks? For sure is because it not only brings together the best talent but is so sticky that you keep it in your mind the whole day.

Although the most hip hop disco is La Vaquita Cancun, there’s no doubt that all the famous dance clubs like Mandala will have it in their playlist.


  1. ‘Shape of you’– Ed Sheeran

This year, ‘Shape of you’ is the most listened song around the world with more than 54 million reproductions and all those that are missing, because I bet you’re going to dance this song in the clubs of Cancun.

The sound and the voice of Ed make a great catchy and fresh song, perfect to flavor your summer.


Learn these 3 songs and come to the nightclubs in Cancun ready to dance!


Blog by Charly -The Partyholic”.