We are getting closer to the most terrifying night of the year: Halloween! And as it  is tradition in the nightclubs of Cancun and Playa del Carmen you can enjoy the most terrifying and fun parties in the entire Mexican Caribbean.

If, like me, you have no idea who / what to dress up as, do not worry because I will show you my favorite options, which apart from being easy, cheap and fast to elaborate, will make you feel the night:


  1. Lilo (Lilo and Stich)

Only because it is Halloween it does not mean you have to look scary, so let’s start with a tender option.


All you need is: a red sleeveless blouse, a green skirt, a crown of leaves, your sandals, a leaf bracelet and an Open bar ticket for Mandala Cancún. Click here to get your ticket.


  1. Homeless

That’s right, a costume that you have probably never seen at any previous party. This way you can be sure you will be the only one with this costume, you will look as good as this girls.

Homeless Costume for Party

What you need for this costume is: a cap, a shirt, a pair of pants (yes, the one you wore and stained yesterday is perfect), a pair of tennis shoes (the ones you have not washed). A beard is optional and a sign with a phrase. Ready! You already have everything to succeed on the dance floor in this costume.


  1. Mavis (Hotel Transylvania)

Surely wearing a vampire costume will never go out of style, but what if you refresh it a bit, while saving money?

Vampire in Cancun

That’s right, you save money, since you only need 5 things: a black dress – all girls have one in their closet – some black stockings with red, some red tennis shoes, black lipstick and a lot of desire to spend an incredible night.


  1. Rope Doll

The most economic costume in the world, since you only need to wear your favorite clothes, you can wear this original and express costume (for those occasions where you forget or do not have one).

Key Doll

In order to make this costume you only need a little cardboard, spray paint and a spring or something similar to tie the key with.


  1. Waldo

That’s right, maybe you know him or maybe you don’t, but he is one of the most difficult characters to find at a party, but also the most original. You can make this disguise with things you surely have in your closet.

Waldo at Night

To be a Waldo you need: black shoes, blue denim trousers, a striped white shirt with red long sleeves, black glasses (like the ones you get at the movies) and a white striped hat with red.


  1. Piper Chapman

If you watch TV series you surely know who we are talking about, one of the main characters of the famous series Orange Is The New Black (OITNB). Maybe it’s not so easy to do, but I could not pass up the opportunity (I’m a fan of the series).

From jail to party

This is the suit they wear at the beginning of the show, being new inmates: you only need a white shirt, an orange shirt, pants of the same color, some black shoes and your badge of recluse.


  1. Men In Black (Men In Black)

Surly you know the movies in which two special agents fight aliens and have a device that erases your memory, a classic that came out in 1997 and its most recent sequel was released in 2012.

Let's Party in Black

What we need for this incredible costume is the typical black suit with a white shirt, black tie, black pants, black briefcase, black shoes, black sunglasses and your device to erase the memory (a silver pen will do).


  1. Stickman

There is no doubt that this is the most economic, simple and original costume you can find, a stickman is a figure made out of sticks and balls (as this blogger draws people).

Stick Party in Cancun

So simple that we only need a white long sleeved t-shirt, white pants, your most comfortable sneakers, a little black ribbon and a white disposable plate or a print of a happy face on white background. No doubt you’ll be noticed at the party and you’ll even win the costume contest. 

It does not matter if you wear a disguise, what matters is that you live the party in the best way possible, in the company of the people you love. Remember that life is a party so be sure it is always amazing!

Do not forget to share your disguise and how you celebrated Halloween in Cancun in our social networks! We are sure it will be an unforgettable night in this Caribbean paradise.


Blog by Charly -The Partyholic”.