Hello Partyholics! I will share a private and intimate story with you today about The City Nightclub Cancun and my birthday. Let’s start by telling you that last Thursday (May 31st) was my birthday but like the responsible party girl that I am, I decided to organize my party at Friday for two reasons: 1) Saturday morning means ‘no school’ so I shouldn’t be worried about hangover symptoms. 2) Friday is the night of The City Cancun… There’s nothing better than this famous club to celebrate my birthday with all my friends!

I am so blessed to work for MandalaTickets.com because I have the opportunity to party at the most famous clubs in Cancun for free… Well, not everything is party here but that’s a different story.

So, as many of my friends were dying to live all the amazing things I tell them about Cancun’s nightlife and they were so excited when I announced that The City Nightclub Cancun was the spot chosen for my party!

In case you never been in town, let me inform you that in several Cancun’s nightclubs and bars there’s a magical ticket called: Open Bar! Yes, it means that you can drink and drink the night away. I love this option, because you only need some money for the tips and that all. But, on my birthday I deserve to pop up a champagne bottle and drink the best tequila in the house!!!! So, when you are looking for a VIP Party you need a bottle service package! So, I select a package in the Diamond zone, very close to the DJ booth. My party night there was playing the resident DJ but let me tell you that this club has the best DJ console and has all the technique elements that DJs like Diplo, Nervo or Steve Aoki demand for their presentations.

Our waiter was amazing… He brings the bubbles to our table with a courtesy round of shots! To be honest, I loved to be pampered and at the end of the night, the waiter was a friend of us!

That night I wore a beautiful red dress that makes me feel fabulous! So, before to be completely drunk, I decided to go down to the dance floor to flirt with a very attractive guy and that’s also another story-.

Today I just want to thank to The City Nightclub Cancun for being an awesome place, to play the best music and to always having something new to impress us… The new set of lights, the big screen, the visuals, its intro video and of course, for host the biggest party in Mexico every Friday night! I can’t wait to celebrate my 23rd birthday at this club but before that, I’ll be back soon for more party!