We love party and we love music! And if you put these elements together in Cancun, nothing could be better, right?

But did you know each genre produces a different effect on your brain? Keep reading to learn more about it:



1. Classical Music

Perhaps you have heard that this type of music could make you smarter, however I am sorry to confirm this is false!  Listening to Vivaldi, Bach or Tchaikovsky helps you to concentrate and to learn more easily, but not by osmosis.

If you have a test coming up or need to learn something, study listening classical music, just don´t expect to hear it at Cancun´s nightclubs!


2. EDM

Electronic music is very popular around the world and it is the best you can listen to when you´re working, because it keeps you active and your brain operates at high speed and with clarity. EDM produces happiness so it helps you to socialize easily.

If you are EDM´s fan you must visit Mandala to dance the night away. This season you can get tickets 2×1 for these nightclubs here!


3. Salsa and Latin Music

This kind of music gives the brain a mixture of dopamine and adrenalin; the effect is a feeling of relaxation and stimulation at the same time. The most important positive effect of listening to it, is that it relieves stress and when also dancing salsa, you will increase your lung capacity and get a hot body! If you want to dance some reggaeton or Latin rhythms the best place is La Vaquita Cancun -also come ready to twerk it and dance hip hop-.


4. Rock

Rock music is ideal to work out thanks to its accelerated beats that inject adrenaline into the brain! So, next time you decide to exercise your body choose a rock playlist and burn those calories like a beast!


5. POP

Choose pop music when you want to enjoy a moment, because its melodic chords allow you to best feel joy and happiness. You can dance to the top 40 music at the best nightclubs in Cancun like The City or Mandala.


I personally like all kinds of music, but of course my very favorite is EDM! Which is yours? And your favorite song? Share your answers with us.


Blog by @CarMarban