Because when we talk about party: More is always better! That’s the reason my friends and I decided not to choose one single party for Halloween, but to be part of all the parties in Cancun –at least the top ones at the Hotel Zone-. How did we do it? Well, we took the Madness Tour, which includes 3 nightclubs in 1 night! Do you want to know more about it? Keep reading!

If you love clubbing, the Madness Tour is an experience you will love!


Firstly, when you arrive at the Madness Tour booth outside Mandala, the guides “Luigui” and “El Pollo” inform you regarding the nightclubs included on that specific night´s tour (the clubs change depending on the night of the week) and the party begins!


That spooky Monday the party started at Señor Frogs, it was a little early –about 9:45 pm-, the club wasn’t crowded yet, but it was the perfect moment to meet the other people who bought the Madness Tour: two Chinese guys from LA and two other guys from Brazil. We taught them the very Mexican toast: “Arriba, abajo, al centro y pa’ dentro” (Up, down, out and drink!) and of course they loved it!


We danced a little at Señor Frogs, but the real party started at La Vaquita. When we arrived it was full of people without costume so we got everybody’s full attention. We felt like VIPs as “Luigui” spent the whole time bringing us drinks and shots to our table. At this time Mexicans, Chinese and Brazilians were best friends, who toasted and danced together.

The males where fascinated by the sexy dancers and of course they didn’t miss out on the chance of taking a picture with them.


The next stop of our night was Mandala Nightclub where almost everybody was wearing a costume, so we didn’t catch all the gazes, but we had an splendid party time! Again, our international new friends were very enthusiastic about the wet t-shirt contest. At this contest keeping the t-shirt on was not an option as the first girl who immediately took off her white top showing her boobs to the audience. The cherry on the cake was the costume contest won by two Pikachus (the yellow character of Pokemon). The funny part was that the men inside the costumes were two 50 years old partyholics! The prize was a bottle of champagne which they spilled all over the people and of course everybody acclaimed that crazy act!


The Madness group spent the rest of the night dancing, singing and drinking. The first to leave the party were the Chinese, then the Brazilians and of course the Mexicans stayed until the lights went out.


So, do I recommend the Madness Tour? ABSOLUTELY! You get unlimited drinks, without having to make the effort to request them directly to the bar. You also get a reserved zone and the personalized service of the very professional waiters. What about the price? Very reasonable and cheaper than buying 3 different tickets for each nightclub. It is because of all this that the Madness Tour is a tour you don’t want to miss!